Tuesday, February 10, 2009

~When God Ran~

I have heard this song many times over the past year or so but it has never meant as much to me as it does right now. As I have written several times, I have a son who is strayed far away from the Lord and has become very defiant over the past 4 years where the Lord is concerned.

We have been praying and believing that my prodigal will come home. I know it is just a matter of time...God's time before Brandon returns to the Lord where he belongs.

As part of our corporate 21 day Daniel Fast this year, one of the specific things that we, as a church are praying and believing for the return of our prodigals.

Yesterday was a very busy day for both Roger and I...mine went smoothly and he's didn't. He worked his full time job, left there for the police department, was able to leave early (10 PM), come home, eat dinner, get a shower, get his stuff loaded, get in the truck and leave for Jackson, MS (4 hr. drive) to be there for a 8 AM training session (8 hr. class) and test today. He was tired, getting stressed and dreading the long drive after a very long day.

The last thing that I asked him while standing on the driveway at 11 PM was..."did you get your medicine?" (blood pressure) and he said "yes". I told him how much I loved him, please be careful and call me at any hour if you get tired, sleepy and want to talk...I will wake up and talk to you!

I came back inside to finish cleaning my house since I was having friend that I hired over this morning to train her in another area to help me with my job. I finished my house work and went to take a bath at 11:40 PM. I walked into the bathroom, looked around, called Roger (took 4 times before he answered) and asked him which medicine did he take with him. I was praying it was the bottle and not the little "daily" container that we use at home. He said "my little box" and I asked "the green one?" and he replied "yes". I said "no, you didn't, it is laying on the bathroom counter!"

After much discussion and me getting upset because he was choosing to do without his blood pressure medicine for nearly two days...he agreed to turn around and meet me. I had to wake Tyler up to tell him where I was going, put the dog in the bed with him (protection), get dressed and set the alarm before leaving at 11:45 PM.

Roger called me on my cell phone and apologized for forgetting to get his medicine. I told him that I would rather sacrifice my sleep than his life. I told him to find a place that was safe, park and take a nap...I was coming to him. He was over 45 minutes away.

I knew he was tired, stressed and had a lot on his mind...so I used the entire trip down to meet him to pray...praying for him and for my family. I arrived safely, gave him his medicine, told him that I loved him, please be careful and call me when you get there.

On my way back home...I turned on the radio. I listened to K-Love for awhile and then to Enlighten...Southern Gospel station. It was on my drive back home that I really began to pray hard for Brandon. I have envisioned his homecoming for several years now and what the Lord wants to do in his life. I know in my heart how the Lord wants to use him to reach other young people who have been where he is right now.

Then...this song came on the radio. I know it is also sung my Phillips, Craig and Dean but I love this version by the Kingsmen...When God Ran.

This is my pray and vision for each of our prodigals today. It is not only for those who are going to return to the Lord but for all of us who already have returned to Him. His reaction is the same...yesterday, today and forever. He has and will continue to welcome us back into His arms with love and forgiveness.

I pray this ministers to you if you were once a prodigal son or daughter or if you have one in your family.

Scroll down and pause my music first!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. Unfortunately, I have dial up and it takes FOREVER to watch/see a video.

    But the post touched my heart. I love that your family is so important to you that you earnestly pray for them. I know you have told me that you too have a Brandon. Know that I will pray for him today!

    ((hugs)) fom TN

  2. I don't have a Brandon, BUT I have a Randan. He will be 20 in June. There are two scriptures that I cover not only him, but my other two children.

    I will contend with those who content with you, and your children I will save. Isaiah 49:25b

    All your sons (and daugther is what I also place when praying this) will be taught by the Lord and great will be their peace. Isaiah 54:13.

    I keep praying to God that Randan IS His and that I will trust the Lord's timing. I keep reminding myself of where I was when I was Randan's age,,,and that I truly believe that when Randan comes back to the Father, it will be his faith, his walk with the Lord and no longer his mother's..it will be truly Randan's...((hugs))
    I LOVED your post today. What a servant's heart, and a wise Proverbs 31 woman you are..does him good all the days of his life.

  3. Glad to know you made it back home safely again. I have a prodigal sister. Still praying for her. I know God has not forgotten her or given up on her. And neither will I.

    Thank you for the reminder to keep praying. I pray you are having a blessed day!

  4. I am glad you were able to meet him and give him his medicine. He sure doesn't want to be without it. What a loving wife you are!

  5. Jennifer,

    I love this song...they did an awesome job on it. I used to sing it when I was a teenager as a solo in front of the church. Such a powerful message...So glad God runs to us whenever we are ready to come home. Beautiful picture huh? Praying for your son.

  6. Jennifer,
    I know the heartache you are feeling.Like you,I want so bad for my son to come back to the place he once knew.

    Like when he would say "let's pray about that mommy" or "do ya know what I learned in Sunday school today?" They will return.

    I'm in praying with you,as our sons are out collecting their testimonies!


  7. Sweetie, I am praying with you, love you my friend.

  8. How sweet you were to take him his meds. I'm so glad he didn't have to do without them. Beautiful song, Jennifer! I love it. Thanks so much for sharing this post - sacrificial love in action.

  9. Hi Jennifer, Kelsey and I hit a wrong button while she was teaching me to make comments. I just finished reading your todays blog. Sounds like your life is so full. You will be on our prayer list. Thank you for enjoying my testimony. May GOD bless you.

  10. This is an amazing song...and prodigal children seem to permeate our society!! Thanks for the reminder of the prayer for them...and you are an awesome wife and mom.

  11. Jenn,

    I'm touched by your lovingkindness toward your beloved. And I'm touched by the song you posted. I can't wait for the day my daughter turns toward Jesus and he runs toward her. How I long for that day! I'm praying for your Brandon too.

    I'm lovin ya this evening, my sister!

  12. That was very sweet of you to meet Roger. Ya'll are such an inspiring couple,Jenn. I am so glad I have met you. I love that song!!! It is awesome you are praying and believing for your son's return. And he will return! *hugs* Love ya!

  13. Jennifer, I love the message in this song. What an awesome God we serve! He knows exactly where Brandon is and how to penetrate his heart with His spirit. Never lose your hope. Prayer is powerful and you have many people praying with you.
    Love and prayers, Carolyn

  14. When I was the last kid at home my parents moved into a small apt. They gave away their table and we ate on t.v. trays!

  15. oh- thanks for sharing this song! I'm so glad we met in bloggy world :O)


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