Wednesday, February 11, 2009

~Prayer Request and Update on Dr. Pierce~

Good Evening Everyone!

I have a prayer request that I would appreciate your prayers. My friend, Jennifer R.'s husband...Sam, was sent to the emergency room yesterday from the doctors office with Atrial Fibrillation ( afib). He was admitted to the hospital for observation and medication to get his heart back in rhythm...he is 43 years old. They wanted to rule out a heart attack and the doctors feel that he did not have a heart attack.

They were hoping with medication that he would be sent home from the hospital but Jennifer called me this afternoon and he will be having a heart cath in the morning. The medication isn't working. They will be looking for blockages and trying to find the source of the problem causing his heart to go into afib.

Please pray for Sam, Jennifer and their 3 children during this scary time in their lives. Please pray for the doctors to have the knowledge to find the treatment for Sam and quickly. They do not have any insurance and that is adding stress to an already stressful situation.


Please pray for me as well...I am not feeling well again. I am praying that I am just tired from all the late night running and being at the hospital yesterday with Jennifer. I have had a terrible headache all day, no energy, nose stopped up and just don't feel good. We are leaving a week from tomorrow for our anniversary getaway. So many friends and church family are sick right now.

I just received a text from a dear friend who lives in the extreme northeast Arkansas. They are on day 15 without electricity. They live out in the country and it could still be awhile before they get to them. The town got their's back on a week ago yesterday. She send me an email the other day saying they had a generator, the kids finally went back to school last week but 65% of the kids at school are still without electricity. The school opened the gym up so the kids could take showers. Plus, the ice brought down so many trees and limbs that it is all over their fences and they have a cattle farm. Family and church family have been trying to help them with the cleanup but it is slow going. I CAN'T IMAGINE!
Update on Dr. Pierce:
This is a public email that his best friend, Dr. Scott Ferguson, is sending out to keep everyone updated on his condition.

Trent had another good day. He actually sat up in a chair and was very responsive. He still can't speak due to the ET tube but is desperately trying to talk and moves his lips, hands, and toes. His heart races when Melissa whispers in his ear. She read a large stack of cards and letters that Jason brought from the church and he was visibly moved. Trent's church, First United Methodist Church, and Pat Henry with St. James Methodist Church in Little Rock both sent beautiful prayer shawls. Melissa has covered Trent with them and feels that they are really helping to bring God's grace to Trent. Many of the churches have been praying for Trent and Melissa is so thankful.

Lynn Allen is coordinating food. Anyone who would like to help with meals is asked to call Lynn xxx-xxxx. Alex Dunlap is coordinating the doctors who will help treat Trent's patients until his return. Ramona Taylor and the City of West Memphis have been feeding the ATF teams while they work on the investigation. Please do no send flowers or other packages to the house. It presents a problem for the FBI and makes Melissa understandably apprehensive.

We are so proud to be a part of such an intimate and caring community. The love that you have shown for Trent and his family is what makes this community such a wonderful place to live. Melissa wants you to know that she is eternally grateful!

Scott Ferguson

There are doctors coming in all over the United States to see his patients and keep his practice going until he has made a full recovery and can return to work.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. I will lift your requests up to the Lord. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I am keeping all of your requests in my prayers sweetie.

  3. Thank you for always sharing requests with us. I will pray. I hope that you are feeling better soon.

  4. I am praying!! Take care of yourself as you reach out to others. I am also praying for a wonderful anniversary trip for you.


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