Saturday, February 28, 2009

~Crazy Weather~

We are experiencing the craziest weather this year in Arkansas!

Two days ago, I could have been wearing shorts and flip flops with temperatures in the high 70's and is snowing.

We had gone to my mom's today and while we were there, it started snowing. This is a picture of what it looked like when we drove back home.

This is my yard just two hours later.

Tyler is now outside with his friends looking like the abominable snow man :-0

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. Alabama weather is almost the same. We are suppose to get some snow....I kind hope we do. I think it is so pretty! I think it will be too warm for us to get as much as you.
    The pictures are soo pretty!
    Stay warm!

  2. Hey Jennifer! Same here, we are going to get the snow from Darlene in Alabama, ((I am in North Carolina!) It has been warm also, and they are expecting a few inches!! You guys have fun!!!

  3. Same here in Tennessee, crazy.

  4. Yes, we have the same crazy weather. They say we are supposed to get snow tomorrow. But it is such a rare occurrence for us that I will only believe it when I see it!

  5. Aren't we in global warming though... LOL.

    Everytime I hear that I have to giggle as I watch the news.

    It has been crazy weather lately. I think God has a GRAND sense of humor!!

  6. Jennifer!

    Enjoy the blessing of a great winter day and the beauty of a winter's day! I know kids love it and we just need to see the magic God can produce any day even when we don't think it's possible. Just shows you anything is possible with God!

    God bless! ~ Kat

  7. Sounds like you could live NC, it was in the 70's here as well and our soggy day will likely turn to snow.

  8. Wow! That looks like North Dakota, Minnesota, and Idaho weather. Are you sure you're in Arkansas? ;) J/K Pretty wild!


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