Sunday, March 1, 2009

~Beautiful Sight This Morning~

Where we are located in Arkansas...we very seldom get the snow that is predicted. So, when the weather forecast calls for snow, we laugh and say "yeah, right!". Well, Friday night, they started calling for snow after it had been in the 70's all one expected it or much less, believed it would happen .

You can see that we got snow from the pictures I posted yesterday afternoon. The kids had a blast outside having snowball fights, tackling each other in the snow and getting soaking wet.

They were calling for more snow last night and we were certainly hoping so, but when I went to bed, it had stopped. Tyler woke me up at 12:30 AM to tell me that it was snowing harder than it had all day. I said "yeah!" and went back to sleep.

This is what we woke up to this morning!

It is so beautiful but they say that it will be melting today with temps expected in the upper 30's. What doesn't melt today will tomorrow with temps in the 40's. The rest of the week is crazy too...50's on Tuesday, 60 on Wednesday and back to short sleeves on Thursday in the 70's! Too crazy!!!

The only problem with snow baby girl can't find any place to go "potty"! Her legs are so short and she buries up to her little belly in the snow. It took her about 10 minutes with lots of encouragement to get out there and find a place to go. She paced back and forth on the patio before finally figuring out that she could cut through the flowerbed, walking along the snow covered paver border and along the fence line to an area that wasn't covered in snow. Good girl! She's so smart! :-)

From the warmth of our home and hearts to yours~have a wonderful day!


  1. Awwww, congratulations on the snow. :o) We are supposed to get some tonight ourselves. We'll see what happens.

    Your pics are beautiful. :o)

  2. Ok, normally I would say that is gorgeous, but I have seen over 50 inches of it this winter, so I am gonna say better you than me. We woke up to alittle yesterday but it was gone by the afternoon. i am ok with that. Glad you are enjoying it:)

  3. Beautiful pictures. I'm in south Mississippi. It snowed here the first week in December. We couldn't believe it!! I'd never seen so much snow in Mississippi in the 28 years I've lived here. So I certainly understand your surprise!

  4. Beautiful!!!!! I am longingly looking out the window waiting for the sog to turn to the big huge giant flakes of white!!!!

  5. Wow, you are the third person from the south whose blog is talking about snow. It's an epidemic, lol! Have fun and enjoy it. Wish we were expecting 70's weather....sigh.

  6. I know it's pretty... BUT... stay tuned for my next post. I will exlain the reason for my "BUT"! ;)

  7. It is pretty but when you grow up in the north like I did - believe me I have seen my SHARE of this white powder and I am one of the many few southerners that get excited about it. I am glad to see it almost melted. I say COME ON 70's! (ha ha) love ya, Laurie

  8. Yes, I am sure that is the same storm we got pelted with. It sure was pretty today! Everything looks so nice & white. Ours will probably melt quickly too. It's supposed to be in the 40s tomorrow. But that's ok. We would probably get tired of it if we had it every day!

  9. I am new here! What a great blog :)

  10. Ooh! Very pretty. It just floors me to think that there is snow anywhere with what the temps have been here in Florida. It's a bit "chilly" right now but it was in the high 70's and low 80's last week! Crazy weather. Beautiful pictures my friend.

  11. How pretty! It seems that nothing with the weather will be a suprise anymore. Everywhere is experiencing some strange weather. We certianly have here. Glad the kids were able to enjoy it. I love the snow and so do the grand kids. It gives a change to the everyday life.

  12. Jennifer,
    Welcome to my world! :)

    We actually missed the big snow storm,this time,in Upstate NY ...Thank you,Jesus!!!

    When my two doggies(their bichons)have to go outside to go potty,I put on their sweaters and go out to shovel a path. I even shovel out a area for them to go potty.(AHHH)

    Great pictures!

    love and hugs~Tammy

  13. Love it! It looks beautiful!! Love the part about your little girl!
    When we lived in MD our older dog was like that. He would only go where we dug a path - if only it wasn't where we had to walk. LOL

  14. Those are beautiful pictures:) Thank you for your prayers for my SIL! I posted a quick update earlier today. May you have a blessed week! Amanda


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