Wednesday, January 28, 2009

~Ten Things I Love~

Debra at Clothed in Scarlet was doing a "Ten Things I Love" meme and I volunteered to play along.

She gave me the letter "M". Here goes...

I love...

1. Mansions on streets of gold...oh, I meant....MY MANSION
2. Mason~grandson
3. Meatballs...see my recipe!
4. Marion
5. Mountaineer camper
6. Maltese dog~Biscuit
7. Mountain Dew
8. Margarita's~favorite Mexican resturant
9. Malibu~my sweet '08 beautiful car
10. Mom~my mom and being a mom...I have to put this one too...MY children...all of them.

So there you go. Ten things I love that begin with the letter "M". If you want to participate, just leave me a message and I will give you a letter to use.

Come join in the fun...let's see what you've got :-)

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. I did this one this last week as well. It's fun... I had the letter 'H'... I had to chuckle at Margarita's - good thing you said Mexican Resturant! haha! Or maybe you do like the drink as well... I remember my mom asking a guy for a virgin Margarita.. the guy said to her, there's no such thing! So she said, well... since it's a freebie for staying here, I'll take one anyway! lol... She was 75 years old she's 86 this Feburary! Maybe that's what's keeping her going! lol... Not really, she doesn't drink...


  2. I'll play along!! Just make sure to give me an easy letter--not Q or X, okay??

    Love your "M's"!!


  3. I've been shying away from these 10 things lists as I'm afraid that one of you will give me the letter X LOL. But I love your list Jennifer!

  4. Such awesome things to love my friend.

  5. YOur M list was awesome. I would love to try out that mexican restaurant...I love mexican food. My favorite.

  6. You did good on your list. I had to laugh at the comment about Margarita's....good thing you clarified about that! Enjoy the snow! -love, Laurie


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