Wednesday, January 28, 2009

~What I Learned This Week~

Jo-Lynne at Mushings of a Housewife has started this fun new meme. I found it at Kim's site of Homesteaders Heart and decided to check it out. Looks like fun to me.

Things I Learned This Week Carnival is getting it's launch day today and already appears to be a big hit.

Here’s the deal. Just write a post about what you’ve been learning over the past week or so. It can be one sentence. It can be several paragraphs. It can be serious. It can be silly. It can be thoughtful. It can be sweet and sentimental. It can be sarcastic. It can be profound. It can be ANYTHING that you learned that is of a family friendly nature, ahem. In your post, please include a text link back to this post. Feel free to use the button as well, but that’s optional.

What I've Learned This Week:

I've learned that living in Arkansas you don't need to pack away your summer, spring or fall clothes just because it is now winter. I could have wore shorts on Friday, wore just long sleeves and now, I'm bundled up because it is so cold. Last week it was in the 20's, Friday it was nearly 60, this week it has been in the 40's and today...we are at home, school cancelled with "some" ice and snow with temps below freezing all day. Here are a few pictures of what we woke up to this morning. You have to remember this is Northeast Arkansas...we get very little, only a few flakes...we get excited! LOL!

I realized that my son, Tyler (my little man) is developing a very nice little body...nice muscles that are sculpted and cut, he is getting very strong and becoming a young man. He has been working the past 2 years lifting in football but it wasn't until November of this year that he moved up to the high school off season football weightlifting that he has really began to develop a great, muscular body. He is only 14 years old...he has grown about 5 inches over the past year, taller than me and very lean. I look at him and say..."wow"....that is my baby!

I can cook healthy and it taste good! I have developed a new found love for cooking. I had grown to dislike it because it was always the same old thing and we ate out a lot or ate junk food...which means...we gained weight. We are eating, cooking and shopping for the healthiest way of eating with a recipe book of awesome, tasty recipes. I will be posting a new recipe each week of healthy...low fat, low calorie and high in fiber meals.

I have learned that having been a single parent for 4 years would actually become a ministry at our church. Roger and I were asked to be on the Advisory Board of our new ministry...Single Parenting. Who would have thought that God has found yet another way to use my divorce, Roger's divorce and several others in our church to help to reach out to, mentor and provide support for single parents in our church. I am honored.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. We can totally pack our summer clothes away here. lOL Ugh.
    So great about the new ministry.
    Yes, healthy food does taste good too...keep sharing those recipes.:)

  2. Oh what a great privilege Jennifer! I pray blessings on your new ministry. Just another way that God uses our circumstances for His greater glory!

    I pray you are having a great week my friend! And we can never put away our summer clothes, either. You never know what the weather is going to do here :o)

  3. You are learning some very good things my friend.

  4. Love that!!! Amazing how God can use anything to bless..NC has the same weather as AK

  5. Oh yeah, in MS we don't pack our clothes away either. It'll be 70 one day and snowing the next. Who knew? I loved learning these things about you and am praying for your ministry! Awesome that God uses what seems so hard at the time for good, isn't it?


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