Friday, December 5, 2008

Welcome To Our Home For CHRISTmas!

I have finally finished all the house decorations, tree decorating and the outside lights are all up and burning brightly. If you can't tell...I love this time of year. Now I am ready to start baking and wrapping presents.

As I have been promising for a week of our home decorated for CHRISTmas. Let me warn some of you ahead of time...I am and have been for 28+ years...a Santa collector. They are displayed all over my house during CHRISTmas.

We celebrate the birth of Jesus, teach it to our children and instill in them the true meaning of CHRISTmas because without the birth of Jesus...what would there be to celebrate...not Santa, but Jesus Christ, who was born in a manager and died for our sins on an old rugged cross.

However, we also did the Santa Claus "thing" with our children, just like our parents did with us. Hopefully, you won't think any less of me...but this is the "real" me and that is what my blog is all about...being completely transparent.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and welcome to our home for CHRISTMAS! Come on in and make yourself at home.

This is my favorite tree except for our big tree. It has blown glass nativity scenes, angels and over 50 crosses on it. This nativity scene is also my favorite.

I didn't realize until this morning that these pictures got their heads cut off. It was after 1 AM when I finished and I didn't notice. The police Santa is for my hubby, who is a part-time police officer.


  1. Your home is so beautiful! No wonder you were so tired and wiped out. My goodness, girl! You outdid yourself.

  2. Oh how beautiful! you make me want to come over and have hot cocoa! Very Beautiful!!

  3. Love your decorations! Thanks for sharing them!

  4. Beyond beautiful! I love it! I don't think less of you - we did the same thing. And with the grandsons, Santa forgets to leave one present so he stops at our house on his way out of town and drops it off for them to pick up Christmas morning. Such fun in the years to come! It never diminished my love of Christ and knowing the season was all about Him!

  5. Hey don't knock it, some stop signs can be very entertaining, lol! My dad was like that, my mom used to say that he "never knew a stranger."

  6. I stopped by from Joanne's blog...nice to meet you!
    I love your Christmas decorations, especially your tree with the crosses, very dainty and pretty!
    Merry CHRISTmas!

  7. Oh how pretty! I love Santa and the reindeer climbing the ladder. Too cute!

    Now that it's all done maybe you can get some rest;-)

  8. I think everything looks just lovely! And I'm coming over with Kim for the hot cocoa!

    Blessings to you this night!

  9. Hi Jennifer..
    Thanks for sharing your lovely and fun decorations with us today. You have been busy my sistah!!. I am now owrking on mind. I still am not feeling well and now they have me on steroids and I syill had to work all week (ugh), but I have this weekend and Monday off so I better get going lol. Take care and rest a bit okay!!

    Hugz Lorie

  10. Wow! Your home is beautifully decorated. That's a lot of work. Did you get any sleep this past week? I'm believing that your son will be home for CHRISTmas. Carolyn

  11. Pretty song!!! And what cute Santa figurines you have!!!

  12. You have done a of work, but it is worth it because everything is just beautiful!!

    I tried to leave a comment a day or so ago about this but kept receiving an error. So, I'm back today to tell you how festive your home looks. I wish mine looked only half as good.

    When is the hot chocolate being served? I don't want to miss out on the visit everyone is making!


  13. Wow, I feel bad that I just stuck up wreaths outside this year. I didn't even put up my normal garland and bows. lol How long will you leave this up?

    Great job. :o)

  14. It all looks beautiful!! Would you believe I haven't even begun my Christmas decorating yet. As you know, we traditionally decorate the first weekend of December, but due to a craft show for our home business and a migraine for me, that didn't happen this year. And now we are working with a new puppy!! This weekend (Friday night/all day Saturday) is another craft show, so if we don't decorate some night this week, it won't be until next week. However, you know that I'm planning on keeping things up until January 7th (after Epiphany), so I will get just as much time with my decorations as you get...only my time will be on the other side of Christmas.

    With regard to Santa, although we've never done Santa Claus with our kids, I don't think any less of you that you did. One thing I learned by all the years in a legalistic church is not to put the convictions God has given me upon other people. God works differently in the lives of different people, so who am I to tell you what you should or shouldn't do....unless of course you are in blatant sin, which you're not.

    You do Santa Claus, I listen to Frank Sinatra...and we both love Jesus and trust in him alone for our salvation. That's what's important. Other Christians may have a problem that you do Santa, just as some Christians have a problem that I like Sinatra, but, oh, well, we can't worry about pleasing all the people all the time, can we?



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