Tuesday, December 9, 2008

~To All My Friends Both Far and Near~

I sent out a text message this morning, as I have many other times in the past, to my friends with words of encouragement and appreciation for our friendship.

However, this morning, I felt the Lord nudge me saying "your friends reach beyond your contact list in your cell phone" and "think about all the friends that you have in your everyday life that you might not be in there.". The nudging went further than that...He was also saying..."don't forget all of your new bloggy friends that I have met over the past 10 months and how valuable and special they have become to you".

So, my dear friends...both far and near, in everyday life and in the bloggy life...here's to each of you whether I have visited your blog once or dozens and whether you have been to mine today for the first time or the fiftieth...the same text that I sent out to my "daily" friends...this is for you today, my friend.

Good friendships are like beautiful flowers...as they grow, they bring beauty and enjoyment into your life. I am thankful for the different varieties of fresh flowers in my daily bouquet. Each one is different and yet when they are all put together in my life...they make a complete arrangement of absolute beauty and joy. I love each and everyone of you.

Psalm 27:9 Just as lotions and fragrance give sensual delight, a sweet friendship refreshes the soul. (Message)

Psalm 17:17 Friends love through all kinds of weather, and families stick together in all kinds of trouble. (Message)

Have a wonderful blessed day, my friend.

P.S. Please vote in my poll today...top right sidebar. I have 80 CHRISTmas cards to address and I have always handwritten each one because I use photo CHRISTmas cards and don't actually sign them. I had thought about labels and it has been suggested but...I just don't know if I can bring myself to do it or not. I need to see what others think. Thanks!!!!


  1. I may never meet you in peraon,but I'm blessed to know your heart with your words.

    Your words always encourage me and knowing you are praying for my son as given me strength.

    God bless you, my friend.

    Thank you for the award,agian you have blessed me.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words today! I love my girlfriends, too. They fill a special place in my heart.

  3. What a beautiful post to all your friends. I feel as you do about my bloggy friends. It makes me long to meet a lot of you gals! We should have "Blogstock" LOL!

  4. You mentioned AR on Blessed...so I had to come say HI. I grew up in AR and my mom and in laws are there. We will drive down at Christmas. We are up north now and praying God will return this southern girl to the south!

  5. Thank you, sweetie! I think labels are o.k. to put on the envelope. It's the card that counts, not the envelope!

  6. Don't you love those God "nudges"??

    Girlfriends are the best, aren't they?? I love the "blogstock" idea!! Thanks for the encouragement today!


    **oh and when I receive a Christmas card that is printed with a label, it feels less thoughtful--may be it's just me but, it seems so impersonable. I have 75 cards to write out--so the thought is inviting but I won't do it!! :)

  7. Bless your precious heart, big hugs to you my friend.

  8. You bless me beyond measure, Jennifer! I love you, dear sister in Christ!

  9. How sweet! Thank you!!! I used to send out text messages daily.

    You have 2 awards at my blog!

  10. Love this! I consider you a dear friend too :o)

  11. That is so beautiful--thinking of your friends as different varieties of flowers. Put them all together and you have a wonderful bouquet--an original!!

    Thanks for thinking of all of us!! I've never met you in person, but reading what you've written has made me feel like I do!!

    Have a wonderful rest of the day!


  12. Jennifer, I have left you an award on my page! I have really enjoyed reading your blog! God bless you always!


  13. Beautiful post, Jenn. I am glad to be one of your bloggy friends. I am blessed to have you as part of my bouquet of friends. Carolyn

  14. This is my first visit to your blog, and I'm so glad I found you today! You are such an encouragement to so many! Thank you, and you now have a new flower in your bouquet!!!!


  15. Jennifer,

    I loved this post. I have actually met one of my bloggy friends at church and will be meeting another one soon at a Christmas party. It's truly wonderful!

    I have given you an award on my blog. Blessings to you!!

  16. I used to hand write all my envelopes... until I had twin boys, now I do labels, we also do a Christmas letter and sometimes I jot a little note on the bottom to make it more personal, but not always. I think people understand, you had to think of them to get them on your Christmas card list to begin with!!


  17. oh how beautiful! I got a laugh out of the scripture "friend in all kins of weather". It is raining buckets outside my house right now. Kinda gave it a whole new meaning!

    Thanks for sharing my friend! You are a true friend!

  18. You know good friends are a TREASURE.

    and you my friend are a treasure!


  19. I, too, am blessed to have such great friends in the blog world. I count you among them. I'm thankful the Lord allowed our paths to cross.


  20. I voted, but I wanted to say that I use printed return address labels. I handwrite all the envelopes (or my daughter does).


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