Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Better To Give Than To Receive

I was given this award by Moms The Word. Oh, this excites me and makes me smile...through and through both physically and spiritually. Giving feels great but so does receiving :0 Thank you!!!


Now, I have a few awards that I want to give out to some of my "old and faithful" blogs and some to my new "bloggy friends" who I have been blessed by you sharing your heart with us. Keep up the great work! May God continue to bless each one of you as you bless each one of us.

To: My dear sweet friends, not just in the bloggy world but in everyday life....Dorinda and Laurie. I am honored and blessed to know you personally and to call you my friend. I love you both so much!

To one of my favorite and "longtime" bloggy friends, who if I ever make it up the west coast...will meet in real day! Beloved bring so much joy to me and always put a smile on my face. Keep writing from the heart and being the true, real you because I love you just like you are!

To my new bloggy friends who I have recently started following and have become intrigued with your honesty, openness, wit and encouragement that you bring. Keep up the good work because you bless me so much with each new post.

To: Joyfulsister at Encouragement From My Heart, Tiffany at Tea With Tiffany, Carolyn at Moms United Prayer for Unsaved Family, Tammy at Not Mine But God's Story and Moms The Word.

Some more blogs that I have just started following in the past couple of weeks that I really have enjoyed. Keep up the good work, ladies! I look forward to reading more and getting to know you better.

To: Heather at A Day In My Life, Joanne at Blessed, Tricia at It's All About Him, Laurie Ann at A Magnolia Heart Beats and Denise at Shortybears Place.

Please pass these on to anyone who has blessed you with their writings whether it is because they give you an open and honest view into their lives, encouraged you through the Word of God or just made you laugh, bringing you joy. Let other's know you are blessed by them. Share the Love!


  1. You are such a sweet sister in the Lord. Thank you! BTW, I LOVE that marker idea! What a fun thing for your husband to do. I'm so glad your son likes being with his parents. Isn't it great? BTW, you bless me too!

  2. Jennifer,

    Sisters in the Lord like you are the reason taht blogging is such a blessing in my life.

    We have an opportunity to get to know one another before we meet in Heaven.

    Is that cool or what?!?

  3. I'm so glad that you've stopped by my blog and shared your heart about our children growing up. I read the post you referenced, Where Has The Time Gone?" All I can say is AMEN.

    You know, we're the same age (mid 40's), both products of the 60's and 70's. And I think we women of that generation were fed a pack of lies!!! We were told that we needed to throw off the shackles of home and children and to do something important with our lives. And now that we're in our 40's, we know what we want more than anything. It's children!! It's being a mom!! If we had been brought up in another time, we would have known the importance of that all along and maybe had several more children than we did. Then our hearts wouldn't be so empty as the years go by and our children grow up.

    My husband and I yearn to adopt (or have another baby since it's biologically possible---we've just battled secondary infertility for 14 years). Alot of people tell me I'm insane to want another child in my 40's---and with teenage children in the home no less. I hear all the time, "Why would you want more children? You're so close to having an empty nest. Why would you want to give that up?" I can't identify with people like that. My heart is for more children. I absolutely love being a mom!! And I know that you understand me. I SO look forward to getting to know you better.


    P.S. I'm also really struggling with the election this morning. I can hardly believe that we have elected a man who stands for things that God abhors. May God be merciful unto us and protect us these next 4 years.

  4. Thank you!!! I was getting discouragedb/c it seemed people only came to my blog on Monday's and Thursday's. I love to write and love encourage and I know now why I do it,for women like you. Thank you Jennifer,so much!!

  5. Congratulations on your awards and thank you so much for sharing the love!

  6. Jennifer,

    Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge so many bloggers. And thank you for your words and for the award. I am blessed to know you enjoy my posts.

    I've never passed on awards. My bad. Right about now, I'm feeling like a heel for that. I should've taken the time to pass on encouragement years ago. After all, I love to make people feel important. I guess since I haven't after 3 plus years I don't know how to start because I don't want to not acknowledge the past ones.

    See my dilemma? Or maybe not. Ha.

    Anyway, know I value your willingness to make others feel valued. Back at you, sister. You bless me.

    God loves your heart!


  7. THANK YOU a million times over!!! I'll post my award soon :) You are awesome... P.S. I prayed for you and your fam last night... God brought em to mind- don't know why- but know that when you come to mind- I pray!

  8. Thank you my dear Sistah!!
    (((Hugz))I'm so blessed that we get to follow the Lord togther as sisters in Christ,and as new friends. Keep lifting up the name of our Lord Jesus, your light for Jesus shines ever so brightly through your blog and in you beautiful smile.

    Hugz Lorie

  9. Hey friend,

    Just wanted you to make sure and stop by tomorrow (friday)...I completed your tag!

  10. I'm late leaving my comment, but I want to thank you for giving me an award. I'm passing one back to you. I am always blessed and inspired by your lovely posts. I'm excited that we can share our love for Jesus.


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