Thursday, August 28, 2008

Just Alittle Blog Cleaning :)

I am taking all the things that I love that were posted on my sidebar and copying them here...that way...I still have them but I've cleaned up my sidebar...all at the same time.

I love song lyrics like this...

Whosoever...means...Who So Ever
He Lives Forever...means...He's Never Going To Die
Not Forsaken...means...He Will Never Going To Leave Us
He Reigns Forever...means...He Will Always Be The King On High
Never...means...Our Sins Are Not Remembered
A Living Savior...means...He's No Longer Dead

The FATHER changes NEVER, the BIBLE will live FOREVER and
IT MEANS JUST WHAT IT SAYS! __________________________________________________

Remember When...

When my eyes have cried a million tears;
When my last hope has disappeared;
I know that you'll make a way somehow;
And I know you're holding me right now...




Burdens we bear are heavy rocks, if we don't lay them down.
If we lay them down, they are stepping stones to higher ground.

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