Sunday, May 11, 2008

Teenagers...Round 2

Now that Tyler is officially a teenager...almost 14 now...things have definitely been different this time around. Who or what do we give the credit to...different genes because of a different father, different situation (both parents living in one house), both parents loving him, teaching him, being there for him, supporting him and praying over him? Maybe all the above. We tried to do the same thing with Brandon but there were things that were out of our control as you have already read about...but, the love for Brandon is the same love that we have for Tyler, Sommer and Ryan.

This is actually round #4 with the exception that the girls lived with their mother during the teenage years. Ryan moved in with us at the beginning of her senior year and what a blessing she was to have around. I wouldn't trade those days for anything in this world. Brandon and Tyler both loved having their big sister living with them and we did too.

I believe in the following creed that states that children really do learn what they live...

Children Learn What They Live

If a Child lives with Criticism, He learns to Condemn.
If a Child lives with Praise, He learns to Appreciate.
If a Child lives with Hostility, He learns to Fight.
If a Child lives with Tolerance, He learns to be Patient.
If a Child lives with Ridicule, He learns to be Shy.
If a Child lives with Encouragement, He learns Confidence.
If a Child lives with Shame, He learns to feel Guilty.
If a Child lives with Approval, He learns to like Himself.
If a Child lives with Fairness, He learns Justice.
If a Child lives with Security, He learns to have Faith.
If a Child lives withAcceptance and Friendship, He learns to find love in the World.

I believe that our children do learn what they live. However, does that mean that if we teach our children to be positive that they will never be negative, does it mean that if we teach our children to have morals and values that they will never make choices that are not morally right? No, because the Word of God states that we are all sinners with a sinful nature. We are not perfect adults, we are not perfect parents and we do not have perfect children.

Romans 3:23
For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God;

The silver lining to that verse is that the Word of God says that we are to train up our children in the way that they will go and when they are old...they will not depart from it. I am hanging on to that scripture for dear life right now for my children. Each one of our children have been brought up to believe, serve, fear and love the Lord. They have been taught right from wrong, good choices from bad choices, morals, values, to believe in theirselves, to love theirselves, to be the best that they can be and we will love them no matter what.

Proverbs 22:6
Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Tyler has just entered the beginning of the teenage years. Right now, he is loving, sweet, considerate of others, cares about what his dad and I think, makes A & B while taking advanced classes in the 8th grade. I am saying that he is perfect...absolutely not! He gets an attitude, has a smart mouth from time to time, gives those dirty looks and rolls his eyes when he gets told things that he doesn't want to hear. He is still easily corrected, disciplined and very forgiving, loving and easy going child. I know that there are rough years ahead even for the easiest going children but that too shall pass.

We love our children for who they are and we are very proud of each one of them as individuals. They are each completely different from each other in many ways but yet share some of the same amazing qualities...regardless of who is who's parents.

If you have a teenager and are struggling to survive this stage of life called the teenage years...well...this too shall pass! If they are too far out of your control or getting help because these years are very important in the development in who they will turn out to be as a young adult woman or young adult man. We owe it to our children to do the very best that we can in giving them all the support, love, understanding, guidance, training but more importantly...BOUNDARIES..certainly not what money can buy in material things.

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  1. oh my, I have so much to learn in just 2 years. T will be 13 in 2.5 years!!! What will I do? Pray... on my knees!!!


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