Sunday, May 4, 2008

Praise Report!

I went back this afternoon to my mother's house to take my sister a huge ice chest, ice and lunch meat. The power is out and is not expected to be back on until Wednesday. My mother is still at her sister's helping care for her after her emergency surgery last week. I am very thankful that my mom left home last Thursday morning and didn't have to ride out the storm at home alone.

Well, nothing has changed since I was there yesterday...still looks like a war zone but the cleanup is well underway. There were volunteers, church buses with youth helping clean up trees, limbs, sweeping the streets and cooking food for people that live there and the works. God is so good!!!

When I was approaching town on the highway, my brother was pulling my uncles truck down the shoulder of the road with a big tractor and someone behind the wheel of the wrecked truck...waving at the passerbys! That was funny. It landed about a 100 yards out in a wet, muddy field and he had to be cut out of it.
When I got to my mom's house and we unloaded the ice chest...the power came back on! PTL!

Then we got word that my uncle was sitting up, talking to everyone, had already been to dialysis and was headed to surgery to fix his arm. I have since heard that he is out of surgery with plates and screws to fix the open fracture in his arm but that his vital are good and he is doing awesome.

God heard our prayers and answered them in an awesome way. My uncle went from not going to make it at midnight Friday night/Saturday morning to sitting up talking to everyone on Sunday morning! Only God can do that. Yes, He still does miracles today!!!!!

The other lady who is in her late 90's that was not expected to live either is said to be improving everyday also. So far...F3 tornado and NO FATALITIES!!!! God's hand of protection was on each and every person in that little town on Friday and He has not removed His hand from then. He is still working and moving in that small community of about 4,000 people....if that many.

Here are some pictures of the destruction that the tornado left behind.
Downed trees 2 bk. from my mom's
Earle Baptist Church
Santuary completely removed from the middle of the church.
Pastor's office, choir room on right is still there. The church office, fellowship hall and Sunday school rooms on left are still there. Santuary from front to back is removed smoothly right out of the middle, not a single pew was left...with the balcony still hanging on the back wall and the choir loft still intack also. Amazing!
Baptist Church Family Life Center...completely destroyed.
House in my old subdivision
More damage in my old neighborhood

All that's left of YM Young's house...wife critically injured but improving
Site of 2 houses next door to YM's GONE!
All that is left of one of those homes
Mr. Davis' overturned truck
Mrs. King's house...elderly lady was sitting
in recliner and told family she looked up
and saw the sky. Never knew it was coming.
Very old trees all over town...downed
The Capp's house...elderly couple were
in the hall...buried but unhurt! PTL!
Local factory...loading dock and warehouse destroyed
Someone's attic stairs in my mom's tree
My uncle's truck after being hit by the tornado
and rolled over 100 yards into a field.


  1. Jen, thanks for sharing the pictures. We were blessed to not have had been hit by this storm. I noticed your last post and said you were going to try to figure out how to do a slideshow....I found a great one to use, you can find it in or click on my page where I have my family slideshow pictures and it will take you right to it.

    love ya, Laurie

  2. Thank you, Laurie! I will definitely check into it because it would make things a lot easier with all the pictures that I love sharing on here.

    We have truly been blessed to have been spared time and time again from the destruction of the tornados in our area. My mother and I have been talking for the past several weeks about us believing that we are living in the end times and things are just going to get worse. Her pastor recently preached on calling it what it really is...judgement and we both feel that this is a better description of the times that we are currently living in. God's judgement is upon us but yet, His mighty hand is also on His people where we can find shelter and protection under His wings. That was evident in Earle this past weekend because numerous Christians, that I know personally, lives were spared. That in itself, gives me great comfort in this day and I am even more thankful to be able to say that I am a Child of God.

    Thank you again for all your encouraging comments that you leave for me, they truly lift me up and help me keep on going when I feel like I don't have the time to do this with everything else that my life is requiring of me. I appreciate you, Dorinda and Beloved Mama so much for your comments. Keep them coming:)


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