Saturday, May 3, 2008

Tornado Strikes

Good Evening!

I have been gone for the past 1 1/2 days to my hometown...born, raised and lived there for 28 years. It was hit by a tornado yesterday afternoon around 3 PM. I still have family who live there including my mom and sister. I will be posting a more detailed entry in a day or two with pictures of the devastation. My mom's house did not have a missing shingle or even a broken window....Praise The Lord and she wasn't home but at her sister's.

However, my Uncle Richard was not as lucky. He was driving back from a dialysis treatment, was within 2 miles from his home where his wife was waiting. His pickup truck was hit by the tornado, caused his truck to be thrown and rolled over and over into a field. He had to be cut out of his truck and transported to the trauma center.

He has a open fracture to his forearm, severe head injury, braining in his brain and a broken back...he is 87 years old. Please pray the God will raise him up and defy all the doctor's grime prognosis.

Earle was hit by a F3 tornado. I will try to figure out how to do a slideshow...I took tons of pictures. Roger and I helped a man that worked for my dad, then my mom (after dad died) and is good friends with my brother...try to salvage anything we could find Friday night. His house was completely destroyed. Then Saturday morning, we helped a elderly couple that I went to church with for years. They got in their hall just minutes before it hit. Their house looks like you took 4 bulldozers and pushed their house in on all sides. They were buried...she was able to get up and try to free him but the neighbor came and got him out. His face is bruised and she has a small cut under her eye from her glasses. God truly had his hand on them and this entire town. There was not one death to this point...we are praying that it remains that way.

More in a day or two. Keep my uncle in your prayers and everyone in this small town.

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