Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We Serve An Awesome God!

Brandon called me this morning at 8 AM...woke me up on my vacation :) to tell me that he was being discharged today!!!!! I certainly did not mind being woke up to receive this great news. It has been only 9 days after a horrible wreck!!! The hospital arranged for him to take a walker and a wheel chair home with him...which is another blessing. It is hard to believe that this time last week, we were just getting out of ICU and in severe pain. God has answered so many prayers in regards to Brandon's healing and speedy recovery. We know that the road ahead will be long and painful but we are believing God to continue to speed his recovery along faster than the doctors expect. He went home with his friend, Jason (passenger) to his aunt's house so she can help to care for both of them.

The doctors discovered two more injuries making a total of 10 different areas injured!
1. Broken Ribs - 5 in all
2. Broken Pelvis
3. Fractured Knee - new
4. Broken Ankle
5. Separated Shoulder - new
6. Fractured Shoulder Blade
7. 2 Punctured Lungs
8. Tear in Small Intestines - required a 10 inch incision down his abdomen to heal on it's own
9. 3 Small Lacerations to Liver
10. Injured Bladder

WOW! When you think of all the injuries that he sustained and lived....that is nothing short of a miracle and an answer to many, many prayers that have been prayed over Brandon for his safety and God's protection. Otherwise, I truly believe he would have died that night. The only part of his body that did not get injured was his face and head! God has a special calling on Brandon's life and a divine purpose for him. I sit and wait with such excitement and anticipation for the appointed time for that purpose to be revealed. God is faithful and keeps ALL of His promises.

I will be posting updates from here on as I get more good news...but until then...I will pick back up with the entries on the struggles of an ordinary christian woman's life.

Have a blessed week!


  1. PRAISE THE LORD for His amazing touch - no doubt God has things for Brandon to still accomplish. Relax and enjoy the rest of your vacation!! You deserve it. love ya.

  2. WOW...he certainly seems to be recovering fast!!!

    Blessings to you my blogging friend :0)

  3. Thank GOD for his protection and healing touch. I love you guys and I am praying for Brandon's recovery to be quick and that he will have a complete restoration.


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