Thursday, March 20, 2008

Update of Brandon

Thank you all again for your prayers this week for Brandon...I cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate it. There is power in prayer!

Brandon had a good night last night and got some good sleep. He has been down for an MRI on his knee today which has continued to hurt him but we do not know what the results are just yet. He was able to go for 4 hours without any pain medicine because it was in his room and he was in radiology:) He also had to move himself with assistance from stretcher to table to bed and did a great job of it.

Physical therapy came today for the first time and got him sitting up on the side of the bed for about 15 minutes...the first time he has been off his back since Saturday. It did it very well with minimal amounts of pain.

I took several pictures yesterday that I will post when I get home because I cannot download to hotel computer of him (smiling...totally plastered) and some of his abdominal wound that is left open to heal on its own...they are graphic...just warning you. I have pictures of the car that I am waiting on Jason's mom to email to me and I will also post those when I get them.

I am not sure whether they will let me stay with him again tonight or not. Either way, I am heading back home tomorrow. He seems to be out of the woods but still has a long road to travel in his recovery. Please continue to lift him up in your prayers. And again....THANK YOU ALL!

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  1. Thank God for Brandon's progress! And we are continuing to pray for a speedy recovery of body, soul, and spirit!

    Make sure you rest before you head home!
    Miss you!


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