Thursday, January 7, 2010

To School or Not ~ Enough Snow or Not...That Was The Question

Good Morning Everyone!

Our household woke up to snow on the ground this morning but the question of the day in our home was: Is there enough snow to keep us out of school for the day. Well, that seemed to be the question in every household in our school district because we were the only ones in the Tri-State area that didn't have school openings or closings on our local TV weather channel, radio station or internet.

You talk about a bunch of frustrated parents in our school district...well, we were. In my 19+ years in this school district, there has ALWAYS been one or the other on Channel 3 news...very early in the morning so you know what you have to do with your children for the day.

As for me, it didn't matter either way and it is one day that we won't have to make up later but, it would have been nice to turn on the TV and see that we were going to school this morning rather than scrambling calling other parents and teachers to see if anyone else knew for sure. All the while still guessing that we were open before heading out on slushy/icy roads to get Ty to school on time.

My concern is the parents that have to go into work after dropping off their children off on a regular, good weather, perfect road condition day. If they had to leave earlier than normal to get to work safely in these conditions, then they would have had to leave home way before children were allowed to be dropped off at school. If school was cancelled, then they would have had to find daycare for their younger children before heading into work.

I think, it was very inconsiderate of our school district to not announce our opening or closing with everyone else today. Who dropped the ball? Our new superintendent? If it wasn't him, then he needs to find out who it was.


Keep in mind that the South is NEVER prepared for a little snow, ice or freezing rain like the North is...believe me! Usually, a few flakes and we are out of school for the day.

Ok, I feel better now...I've vented.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. AMEN...GO GETTEM Jen!

    Blessings, andrea

  2. LOL! Oh my friend. I feel for you. I can't relate or anything, but I feel for you! Does that help?
    No, Hmmmm. How about you just come here and forget the whole thing? Would that help?

  3. Jennifer,

    This is so true that people that should be getting this information out seem to be moving so slow. Most of the time parents find out before the school does.

    So glad that you vented!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Frustrating for sure. We may have a snow day tomorrow.

  5. You're right. Very frustrating.

    Love ya!

  6. Yes, Atlanta had a few flurries and they were calling school off for the next day...

  7. Jennifer,
    Your a true inspiration to me...I have never read your blog that I did'nt feel uplifted afterwards... When I was working night shift and would come home yours was the first blog I would read...The music always put me where I needed to be with God...Our lifes are so similar, especially our past...I'm glad you like the soaps..I'll be glad to send you some samples if you email me you address


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