Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How Quickly The Chapters Close!

I know that I have posted about this many times before but here I go again!

Where has time gone? Oh, heart is hurting and it is bursting with pride...all at the same time.

This is my last child at home...then my home will be empty. Yes, it will be in 3 more years but they will be gone before we know it.

To was just yesterday that I held him in my arms for the very first time and today, I just dropped him off at school to begin a new phase of his life and one that is quickly coming to a close for me...High School and his sophomore year.

It is a mother thing! I have talked to several mothers and we feel the sadness that our children are growing up too fast but yet, fathers...don't seem to notice or mind. They are looking forward to the next phase of their lives...more money in their pockets...well, after college that is! LOL! No, I know Roger will miss Tyler when he goes off to college but it is different for us mothers.

It is a chapter of my life that is closing and will never be reopened again...NEVER. I can be a grandmother, mother-in-law, friend...whatever, but never will be raising a child at home. Yes, they might come back home later but that is still not the same because then...they are adults living under your roof not a child or a teenager looking, listening and hopefully, applying your wisdom and knowledge to their lives...not that young adults can't but it's not the same.

It was just yesterday that...

* my son was born
* that he took his first steps
* spoke his first word
* went to preschool
* started kindergarten
* played his first game of t-ball
* played his first game of peewee basketball
* brought home his first report card
* brought home his first homemade Christmas ornament...which still hangs on the tree
* went to church camp
* played his first game of flag football
* played his first game of contact football
* went through elementary school
* went through intermediate school
* went through middle school
* became a member of the youth group
* played 7th grade school football
* went through jr. high school
* played 8th and 9th grade football
* ran jr. high track
* went on his first youth missions trip
* got his driver's license

* learned to speak Spanish


* is on the senior high football team

* drives my car
* is taller than me now
* got an iPhone and I don't
* been allowed to go with friends with them driving and no adult...ugh!
* has had to make some hard decisions so far as a teenager
* still makes awesome grades
* is carrying a full load of classes including 4 advanced classes
* taking Spanish II
* is active in our youth group and loves it
* juggles homework, football and church with ease plus has time for XBox :-)
* still loves to spend time with his parents and go on trips with us
* loves Jesus and invites his friends to church with team mates

I am so proud of Tyler...he has grown into a very responsible, Christian young man. He is a leader, giving, well-mannered, polite, considerate, family oriented, excellent student, thoughtful, friends with everyone, fun loving and handsome young man. Is it obvious...just how much we love him and how very, very proud we are of him? I hope so...because we are:)

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. oh my goodness.... now i'm going to cry!!!

    how sweet! he is a GREAT young man!

    love you my friend!

  2. Man, he is one handsome guy! You better keep all those crazy teenage girls away from him. Sounds like he is just as good as they come. I hope that when my guy is in 10th grade his list looks just like Tyler's. Great job!

  3. Jenn,

    What a wonderful tribute to Tyler! I am amazed at just how fast the time does go. It's like from Junior High til they move out, someone some where hit the fast forward button on us.

    Yikes, Caitlyn has two more years and she will be headed into the adult world. Only God knows the path He has in store for her. I am just hoping I have done all I could for her.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  4. Wow, you had to go there didn't you? You just had to......waaaaaahhhhhh! Sniff....sniff!!!!

    My baby is going into 11th grade. Sniff! Why are they growing up, Jen? Why? Lol!

    I know what you mean. I will miss having my boys at home and I will forever miss that time in my life. But I am hoping that I will keep busy and just look forward to doing whatever I'll be doing. Maybe I'll learn to sew!

  5. This really touched my heart, love you.

  6. Sometimes it's hard watching them grow up. But you have a young man to be proud of my friend.
    Big hugs to you.
    Still wanting Rogers BBQ!!! LOL

  7. Just by the pictures you have been sharing, I have noticed such a change in him also...and his smile just RADIATES...

  8. He is such a handsome young man. God have mercy on all of us Moms.

  9. Yeah, he'd better thinking of something quick if he wants to buy me a mansion or something. Otherwise I guess I'll just wait till I get to Heaven, lol!

  10. it's amazing how quickly the time flies. Your son looks and sounds like the best and you are one great mom. Sarah

  11. Oh wow! He sounds like a great kid. You deserve to be proud of him. But oh yes, they do grow up way TOO fast!


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