Saturday, April 18, 2009

Then Sings My Soul Saturday ~ I Will Rise

I haven't been able to participate in TSMSS in a couple of weeks and boy, have I missed you guys. I haven't been blogging much over the past 3 weeks either. It has been extremely hectic around here and hopefully, things are starting to slow down.

I am praying that it doesn't rain here tomorrow so we can have our benefit golf tournament and GET IT OVER WITH. It has dominated my life for the past month, as I am in charge of all team registration, collecting their money, sending out their confirmations and I am exhausted. We worked on goodies bags last night until after 8:30 pm, I am baking brownies after cleaning my house all morning and cutting shrubs and working in the yard all afternoon...I am so tired!

I love this song and it ministers to me everytime I hear it. I hope you enjoy it. I think that I will sit back, close my eyes and let it minister to my tired mind, body and soul too.

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Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. I LOVE that song! LOVE it!
    Have a great weekend my friend.

  2. I absolutely love, love, love that song! One of my current faves. Thanks for sharing today! Hope you have a great Saturday!

  3. you are so right it does touch your sould and comforts you to know that while we are busy here one day we will be with him and able to rest in his arms

  4. i am such a huge Chris Tomlin fan!!!

  5. Blessing Jennifer, May you RISE up as these words soak into your being! May the sun also RISE up for your GOLF tournament so it will be done and so the real SON will RISE & call you to His rest! May you enJOY your weekend & the culmination of a long preparation be worthwhile! Find rest & peace in the after glow!

  6. Jennifer,

    We will be praying for you that all your hard work in making this tournament a success will glorify God in many ways! May God strength you today so that you will rise tomorrow with renewed strength and spirit.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  7. That is a favorite song in our house. We love Chris Tomlin...he is so annointed. Beautiful song.

  8. I have tagged you...I hope that is okay. Come by my blog and check it out!

  9. Such a beautiful song! Hope you enjoy a glorious weekend...and then find rest...

  10. OOoohhh.... another Chris Tomlin! I am a big fan... thank you for sharing!

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