Monday, April 6, 2009

~It's Been Rough~

This has been a difficult weekend for me. I am battling with a situation that I no longer have any control of because it is not my decision to make. It is very difficult for me to be supportive of this decision because I "feel" they are making a mistake that they will regret.

I have been disappointed, angry, frustrated and somewhat depressed all weekend over this choice that is about to be made. I have prayed and prayed...poured my heart out to God. The feelings are very overwhelming...such a sense of sadness has overtaken me...a feeling of grief, so to speak.

  • Is it a life or death issue? No.
  • Is it one that is life changing? No, not really..I guess, it would depend on how you look at it. Life changing but not earth shattering.
  • Is it more of my dreams, goals and beliefs in life? Probably.
  • Does it, in general, go against everything that I believe in? Yes.
  • Does this decision affect others too? Yes.
  • Does it have to affect others? No, not really, but it does me.
  • Would anyone else understand how I am feeling? No...that is definite by the discussions that have taken place all weekend and it has gotten to the point of conversation.
  • Have I tried to shed my light of wisdom on the subject? Yes...tirelessly.
  • Has it done any good? No.
  • Do I feel any better about it? No.
  • Is it something that I will have to accept regardless of whether I agree with it? Yes...but it will definitely take time.
  • Am I still praying that they will see things differently before they make a decision that they can't change back? Absolutely...there is still hope until it is done.
  • Do I want what I "think" is best for this person? Without a doubt...their best interest for now and the future are always first and foremost...even though, I have been told I was selfish.

I'm praying for a different outcome for this situation this week. I am praying that they see things with the same belief in themself as I do. I believe that you can do anything you set your mind to with the right attitude, application and hard work.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. We'll be praying with you my dear friend.

    God bless you.

  2. I'm praying for you and the people involved. It's so hard to see people we love make the wrong choices. {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Wow--you have laid it all out on the line--and I was just visiting another friend going through a dilemma.

    It's all about the choices we make in our lives, isn't it?

    We presented with a problem, a decision--and we can go this way or that way--what do we choose?

    Our way or God's way? Keeping you in my prayers for resolution of this problem and that God's choice for this situation be the one that is chosen.


  4. Well I have no idea what you are going through right now. Either you can't say or I've missed it in a prior post but I know that my God knows everything and I will be praying for His will in this situation you are dealing with right now my friend.

  5. Hmmmm...just yesterday, at church, we went to a DVD preentation (an ongoing series) by Dr Scot Hahn, a caring theologian and maybe this message was meant to be passed on to you. He spoke of how we Christians get "refined" and how steel, to become its best and strongest must go through exteme heat.
    Many times I have not understood why something so negative was about to happen without me being able to stop it, but God sees the whole picture and can use all things to ultimately bring good, so you did the perfect thing in praying so hard and voicing (hopefully lovingly even if emphatic) your concerns. Even if no one else is listening God ALWAYS listens because He is love (my sweet momma used to always say God answers with: YES, No or WAIT (one of the toughest ones for me!).
    blessings and peace to you,

  6. hmmmm...same weekend here also...SIGH.....

    Would anyone else understand how I am feeling?...I can beloved one....without even KNOWING the circumstances, I understand. SIGH....

    there is still hope until it is done..amen amen amen

  7. Dear Abba Father,

    We rejoice in knowning that we can and must trust You. You know the situation, the people involved, the needs and the decisions to be made. We ask for hearts to be humbled before You. We ask that you would soften the hearts of those who are turning the wrong direction and we pray they would desire to do Your will. We pray they would draw closer to You through Jesus Christ our Lord. We ask for Your divine intervention, Your continued mercy and grace over all concerned and we thank You Abba Father for hearing our prayers. May Thy will be done in Jesus precious Name we pray. Amen.

  8. Dear Abba Father, I also ask for Your hands of strength and comfort to embrace Jennifer as she continues to seek You on this situation. I pray for Your peace to saturate every part of her being as she places her trust in You. Thank You Abba. We love you and we pray in Jesus Name. Amen.

  9. I am glad this is not your husband having to make this decision. I do understand where you are coming from. We will put this decision in GODS hands and be supported with the out come.

    I Love you very much and I do care about the outcome. I hope you feel better knowing we did all that we could. Now we will put our trust in the Lord.



  10. Jenn,
    I will pray today that Gods Will comes out in this matter. and that God will give you a peace that He is still in control. Love you and lifting you up today - love, Laurie

  11. Y'all will be in my prayers. I know that God will be in the middle of it...but we each have a will of our own...I pray that HIS will be be done and all will follow His voice. I pray that the peace that passes all understanding will cover you at this time.

  12. Jennifer, I'm praying... praying for the situation, praying for your peace of mind...peace for when to know when to just remain silent and allow the Holy Spirit to work within the life of all this (these) loved one.


  14. Jen, it's so hard when we love someone so much and we see them making a decision that is not good for them. Very frustrating and hurtful. Sometimes, people learn from the consequences of their actions.

    Unfortunately, sometimes they suffer in the process. That's when we just have to trust that it will bring them nearer to the Lord.

    I just send you a message on facebook from me. Just thought I'd tell you to look for since you probably won't recognize me.

  15. Oh my sweet friend....I hear your angst! I'm sorry your heart hurts.

    Thank you for stopping in and checking in on me while I was down and then away. I love ya!

    When you get a moment will you stop by and know that you have a 'fan'...come see what it means! tee hee

    Big big hugs!

  16. I'm so sorry my friend. But I completely understand. Situations like this can be very frustrating. I pray you are able to have peace about this one. May God be in the situation and may His will be done.

    Take care my sweet friend!
    Hope the week gets better for you!

  17. I am praying for you my sweet friend, love you.

  18. I bet you just want to shake them. There are times we have to let go and let God take over.

    Nothing is to big for God!


  19. Jennifer,

    I am so sorry that your heart is so heavy right now. I am praying for you.

  20. Thoughts and prayers coming your way.

    Hugs coming your way too! ;)

  21. Jennifer, please know I am praying. I can just feel the hurt for you, dear sister. I am so sorry and I pray that God intervenes in a mighty way in this situation or at least somehow (and He can do it!) gives you a peace that passes all understanding. Shoot me an email? Much much love and I can't wait to visit with you and Laurie soon!

  22. Praying for you!

  23. Oh dear friend. I will be lifting you up in prayer this night. It sounds like you need comfort and great assurance that God is ultimately in control.
    May you find peace and comfort at the end of this journey.

  24. Hey Jennifer
    So sorry you are going through a difficult time... I pray that God's will will be done, and that He will soften and direct hearts into His love and that the ultimate decision will come from His hand...



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