Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday~What A Week!

Welcome back to another Thankful Thursday! I almost didn't post a Thankful Thursday this week has been a one of those weeks. This week was supposed to be an easy week for me at work, home and in life! I guess, that should have been the first red flag, huh?

My boss, the doctor, is out of town on Spring Break, which means that I don't have a lot of phone calls coming in and usually not having to make many either. It is usually a week to play catch-up.

Well, nothing has gone as planned this week and will all the different things that I had planned to do...none of them went like I had hoped for. They all to way longer than I expected or had alloted time for and you know what happens to the rest of your day when this happens. I feel like so much time this week has been "wasted" compared to what I should have been able to accomplish. Oh, I forgot to mention that I added a huge project/responsibility/commitment to my already long list of "to-dos".

I became so overwhelmed Tuesday night and the entire day yesterday that my chest felt (all day) like I was having a (mild???) heart attack. My chest would have shooting pains so much so that it would stop you in mid-sentence, tightness in the muscles across my chest, pain down my arm, neck and shoulders also hurt. I know...some of you are assumed that you weren't having a mild heart attack? Yes, I assumed so because I've had previous "spells" like these and it is only stress and anxiety. When I get things back under control and the stress/anxiety will lessen and the pain goes away. Now, granted...I might not actually take a real heart attack episode seriously and wake up...dead one day :-)

**This is why I haven't been on visiting and commenting much this week, ladies...I'm sorry!**

Roger kept telling me to slow down and several of you told me to just breathe. I told Roger when we met for lunch, (I really needed to unload a lot of what I was carrying onto him...just talking it out with him always seems to help), that I felt like if I slowed down or stopped...I would burst into tears. I really needed a clone yesterday and could still use one today. I need someone who thinks like me, works like me, is driven like me, has the same determination as me, as personality as me and is focused just like me to get everything done.

I had a friend say that they had seen several of her friends had made the same comment yesterday on Facebook about needing a clone. She asked if it was something in the Spring air. My reply was:

Too many projects and demands = not enough time in the day or enough of me to go around to accomplish them all :)

For many of you, the answer would be simple...take one thing at a time, breathe, slow down or don't worry about what doesn't get done because it will all still be there tomorrow. That is part of the problem...I don't want it here tomorrow!!! lol! The main problem with this thought is...they all have deadlines that must be met and you can't take your time on these. When one thing doesn't get accomplished, then it spills over into the things that you have to do tomorrow or next week...making that day or week even crazier. We aren't talking about just dirty dishes, nasty house or piles of laundry...we are talking about responsibilities with my job, church, commitments, Tyler's school, income taxes and several unfinished projects.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I took both the boys (Brandon & Tyler) shopping Saturday and bought Ty a new pair of American Eagle jeans (he was down to 2 pair) that he loved. He wore them to school on Monday and loved them so much (doesn't like his other two...says they are baggy) that he asked me to wash and dry them so he could wear them again Tuesday.

I was with Dorinda (pastor's wife) and Jackie (children's church minister) going to different churches to view their creative decorations for the children's Sunday school rooms and halls. Yes, that is the huge project that I finally committed to overseeing the entire renovation project, forming a budget and getting it accepted by the board. Ty called me after he got out of football practice and asked me if I was still with Mrs. Dorinda. I said "yes, why?" He said "good, that way you can't say anything ugly when I tell you what I have to tell you!" Someone broke into his locker in the field house dressing room and stole his new jeans! They have had a lot of theft this year. The lockers are very flimsy and they are locked but they bend the corner of the locker back, stick their hand inside, pull out the jeans (hoping to find a wallet or cell phone), throw the jeans somewhere else and leave. However, we wised up after another friend had his wallet stolen...Ty doesn't carry his wallet to school anymore...just a few dollars in his pocket and he gives his cell phone to the coach, who locks them in his office until after practice. I guess, this must have made the thief mad plus these were new, nice jeans...the thief took the jeans and his leather belt that was on them. I was furious! I handed this off to Roger to handle. He is a part-time police officer and a level headed man. I told him that they might take him more seriously than from this mad mom. He went to the school to meet with the coach and athletic director yesterday.

Ok...I know you must be on earth is this post a Thankful Thursday? Well, here is how...

I am thankful:

  • That this week is nearly over!
  • American Eagle and Aeropostale have their jeans on very cheap (online clearance is the way we shop)
  • Spring break is next week
  • The colors are officially picked out and the ball is in someone else's court for the time being
  • I am not leaving this house today and solely, working hard at my job
  • By tonight, Ty's CAP...Career Action Planning will be done...meeting with advisor at 5:30 PM...his 4 year plan will be complete (only 3 yrs. left)
  • I can just refuse to answer the phone depending who's on the caller ID
  • Friday is my day off and Ty is out of school starting tomorrow
  • I get to sleep in tomorrow (I'm very tired)
  • I am working 3 days next week and then taking Ty camping...can you phones and no internet!
  • One week left and my part of the team registration for the 1st Annual Brothers for Hope St. Jude Golf Classic will be finished until the actual tournament on April 18th

Yes, it is truly a Thankful Thursday...wheee...this week is almost over! Praise The Lord!!!

I have made it without saying anything ugly, offensive, haven't created any enemies, haven't lost any friends, haven't lost my religion...not once, no angry outburst and I am feeling much more relaxed today.

For more thankful hearts, visit Lynn at Spiritually Unequal Marriage.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. Jenn,

    My sweet friend, I'm exhausted just reading everything you did! Praise the Lord you got through it and without a clone...tee hee

    Love you, sweet one and so thankful for just the way the Lord made you....wonderfully!

  2. Rest in Him dear one, love you.

  3. Even in the midst of everything else, you still have so much to be thankful for! God is good!!

  4. did and do have a lot going on. I was in the ER for those same mild heart attack pains last week. It is our bodies telling us to slow down...I didn't think I was stressed either, but my body told me otherwise. Thank God for His word & His love, peace & rest...I can find anytime.
    Have a wonderful day off:)

  5. Oh Jenn! I think Dorinda (or someone) needs to kidnap you and make you rest! I pray you can start saying NO to some of your responsibilities (outside of work). Bless you girl.

    I'm glad this week is almost behind you.

    Sorry about your son's jeans and belt. That is frustrating.


  6. Jennifer, you wore me slap out, LOL. Please know I am praying for you and was delighted when I got to the list that you're still able to be thankful in the midst of these trials and things. I would be frazzled. You are a strong woman and I truly admire you, my friend. Keep leaning on Him and casting those cares, dear sister in Christ!

  7. Jennifer,

    We have prayed for your hubby for his retention of all he has studied and that it will be a breeze for him. I have also lifted you up in prayer as well for God to give you strength when you need it the most to get you through your difficult days! Remember He only gives us just enought to get through today, we have to wait til tomorrow to dip into those reserves. In response to the the person who stole the jeans, maybe he needed them a bit more and his parents wouldn't buy him any. God will bless you both anyway!

    May God Bless You and Your Family. ~ Love Kat

  8. Whew! You have been a busy woman! And you deserve an award for not losing it.

    I'm so glad you have the day off tomorrow. I hope you enjoy every minute of it!

  9. Praise the Lord you've made it! God bless you Jen!

  10. Hey, enjoy your sleeping in!

    Just for fun, you should make yourself a list of what you would give up or cut down on if it had been a heart attack and your doctor told you to cut back.

    That will let you know the areas where you may be over extending yourself!

  11. Whew!!! What a week indeed! Making a list of what you're thankful for... we all need that!!! Great, fantastic post... I hope that next week will be smooth and refreshing time away from the demands of the routine :D

  12. you are making me laugh again!!!!

    i am so glad you didn't make any enemies this week!! HA! - well - that might be debatable if we find the kid who stole ty's jeans... :)

    and for all of jenn's bloggey friends- just so you know Jenn is amazing!!!! She is talented, creative, and when she has a job - she does it superbly!

    We will have to take before and after pictures of our children's wing of the church so you can see her new project!

    love you all!

  13. Hey Jennifer
    I am so sorry you have had such a tough week... I pray that next week is much better, that you get lots of rest, and that much of your work gets taken off of your plate, and that what is left, others will help you to accomplish so you will not feel so overwhelmed...

    Slow down and enjoy your family... consider all things in light of eternity... that is what I have to tell myself when I have days and weeks like you have had...



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