Monday, March 23, 2009

~Please Pray For My Husband and This Test~

Please say a prayer for my husband, Roger today and tomorrow. He is at home today away from the busyness of the office, studying for his big test tomorrow. I can't begin to express the magnitude of this test or it's depth plus what it means in his line of work. There are so many different dimensions to this test from chemistry to equations and stuff that is way over my head...actually, it makes my brain hurt to think about it! LOL!

I was visiting my friend, Beth at warmHart and she was talking about...why do we wait for things to get to that "point" before we stop and pray. My reply was that I was guilty of doing this very thing. I will fret, fuss and get so wrapped up in the problem that I forget that the answer is just a prayer away. I find myself praying for everyone else and their problems at times and let my own get lost in the busyness of life.

Lord, help me to run to you before I get caught up in the situation or problem. Help me to remember that you already know the situation and that you are just waiting for me to come to you as a child would their earthly father when they are in need. I thank you, Father, today that you see over the hills and around the curves in my life. I thank you that you not only care about the big things in my life but you also care about the small things that might go unnoticed by see every little aspect of our lives.

Thank you, Father for going ahead of Roger tomorrow and for being right there with him while he is taking this test. I thank you for peace, confidence, a clear mind and that you will bring everything that he has studied so hard on...bring it back to his rememberance...clearly. We will give you all the praise and glory!

I won't be blogging or visiting much this will be a short week for me. I have tons of work to do for my job, my housework is in dire need, laundry, must finish income taxes, get them to the accountant and pack for Ty and I to leave on Wednesday evening to enjoy time together during his Spring Break. I will miss you guys but, I'll be back :-)

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. My prayers will be with your husband, love you.

  2. Let us know how your husband's test goes! I'm praying for him now!

  3. I will keep him in my prayers.

  4. Whew my friend! I'm tired just reading about your week. I pray God's peace and grace will be with you to help you get it all done in a timely and efficient manner. And I do pray Roger's test goes well. Thank you for the reminder to pray and not worry!

  5. Praying for Roger's test...for God to guide his hand to the right answers.
    Hope you enjoy the break and can find some time to relax!

  6. Praying for Roger. Hope you get lots done this week. Have a great time with your son and we'll see you when you get back.

  7. Thinking of you and your family! I often think of your son! Hope you are all doing well- please keep me posted.

  8. What a relief as I read that most everyone else does the exact same thing!! And here I was thinking I was alone in this!!

    Turning to Jesus for Roger and his test--all in God's will!!


  9. Praying right now for wisdom for your husband today, tomorrow and forever! Let us know how he does!!
    Big hugs my friend.

  10. Hope you have a wonderful time!

    I'll be looking forward to a great update! :)


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