Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prayer Request

Dorinda sent me an email this afternoon and ask me to send this to all the prayer warriors that I know...I don't know of any better place to start than with you guys! You have all been such a blessing to not only me, but Ashlyn, my uncle and my mom over the past few weeks and months. If I have ask you to pray...you pray! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You guys are so inspiring, encouraging and I love each one of you.

You will find below Dorinda's original prayer request in blue and my explanation in red...helping you understand a little bit better the desperate situations that they are in.

Pastor Rusty and Dorinda's Daughter and SIL: Moved to Washington DC a couple of months ago following God's calling in a different direction in their lives...they were pastors of a church in Huntsville, AR x 8 years. They lived in the inner city (close to church where Brad is training) and Glenda was homeschooling Macy (kindergarten). Macy is a very social child and therefore, missed having friends (not many children where they were living) and classmates. She needed to be in a school setting. They moved again... after much prayer...they moved to outside the city and were able to put Macy in a Christian school (God blessed them...no tuition) and the church that Brad is working/training under is planting a church in this area . Macy has flourished, love their new rent house. The problem is...they had to move out of their rent house in DC while under a lease. They are currently responsible for paying rent on two houses in DC plus a mortgage payment because the tenants in their house in Huntsville...moved out. They are on a one year work study program WITHOUT PAY for one year. They raised money and got some sponsors to help with living expenses, sold much of what they owned and trusting God to provide the rest...that didn't include a mortgage payment and extra rent on the 1st house. This money is coming from their money saved to be used throughout this year's living expenses in DC.

First of all- Brad and Glenda really need prayer. They are trying so hard to trust God. They moved because the landlord told them the house would be rented in a week. No problem. Don’t worry about it. Well, here it is almost a month later and $2200. Later.

Dorinda's sister...Tami...her husband had cancer of the tongue with surgical removal of the mass and part of his tongue back in August. The cancer is back in his tongue but a faster, more evasive kind this time. Ronnie and Tami have a younger daughter, Kaylee who is only 9-10 plus Tami has a daughter who is married and having her 1st child this week also.

Secondly – my sister and her family.
Ronnie’s cancer is back with a vengeance. The doc said it is the kind that wants to grow and move. They are doing a rush surgery – massive stuff- on Friday to remove tumor, remove lots of teeth – put in ports for chemo and feeding tube in stomach. Then he will also start radiation asap.
For Tammie- her daughter is being induced on Thursday. Tammie is just beside herself. She wants so bad to be with Deanna when she goes home etc. But Ronnie will need her also. I know it will all work out and she does too – but she just hates to miss this time with Deanna. Something you can never make up….

Please pray for God's peace, guidance and wisdom in these situations concerning my family.

Thanks so much !!!
db - Dorinda -

These are the links to Dorinda, Glenda, Brad and Pastor Rusty's blogs. I gave the general link so that you could scroll through to read other entries, except on Brad's...I wanted it to take you straight to this entry on TRUST! As, I have been blogging about...Through The Fire...is what I am seeing and they will come out unharmed on the other side...better, stronger and with faith to move mountains.

Dorinda's Blog
Glenda's Blog
Brad's Blog (this link is today's on trust)
Pastor Rusty's Blog also wrote on trust.

Thank you for adding this to the prayer blog and forwarding it on to any and all prayer warriors for my dear friends, my pastor and their families!

P. S. Sorry that I haven't been around the past few days but I am covered up at work, home and with my family. I am still trying to find balance. I have decided that I will post an entry on the days that I have the time (sometimes...6 days a week and others might be 2-3) and something on my heart and the days that I am needed by my family will be the days that I have to put them before my blog. It is hard because I love blogging and staying in touch with everyone...but for me, there isn't enough time in the day. I have been running on about 5 hours of sleep for months...I am exhausted. So, if I don't read and comment on your blogs everyday...I'm sorry but you are all on my hearts and in my prayers. I have a list of the prayer request that you have asked me to remember...typed, laminated (wipe off marker works great to add more) and tied with a pretty bow on the lamp that sits on my desk...I see it all day long and call the names out many times a day. SO...I HAVEN'T FORGOT YOU!

Love you guys...you are special to me!!!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. praying and asking others to pray!

  2. I will definitely add Brad, Glenda, Ronnie and Tammie to my prayer list. Prayer is a powerful thing.

    An Arkie's Musings

  3. Jenn,
    I will be praying. I just today found out about Ronnie and will be adding him back on the prayer blog.

    thanks for your comment today on my post. I am glad that you found my title intriguing. Probably not at all what you expected huh?

    Hope you have a good week, and try not to work so hard!

    love Laurie

  4. I will pray for them. Thank you for letting me know their need.

  5. A lot of needs here to pray for!! My heart is particularly touched by Ronnie--my sister had oral cancer--a very aggressive, invasive type--such as this you are describing.

    This was a very painful time for her and my entire family.

    This family are in my prayers for healing. May the Great Physician, the Great Healer touch Ronnie's life today and rid him of this cancer!!

    Also for the other needs, but this is touching me immensely and will be my greatest prayer request.


  6. Praying! God bless this family. I hate cancer!!!

    I am praying that God provides a renter.


  7. I will definitely be praying for them my friend! I was just wondering about you today. I am glad to know you are ok, just busy. I will say a prayer for you too! Take care my friend. I pray things ease up for you soon.

  8. Jennifer - I am praying for this situation... thanks for letting us be able to share in God's movement in all of their lives!

  9. I stand in prayer BELIEVING IN our GOD that all the needs shall be met according to His divine and perfect will in Jesus Name. Amen!

  10. Wow. So much prayer needed. May God continue to show Himself through provision and much more.

  11. Definitely praying! Thanks for letting us know.


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