Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Good Wife/Bad Wife

All little girls dream of growing up, getting married and living happily ever after. As little girls, we imagine what it will be like to be a wife and a mother. If we could get what we dream of...we would never fight with our husband, never nag, complain, whine and we would live fairytale lives.

Being married for 5 1/2 years and divorced before I turned 24 years old...well, means that I didn't get to live out my fairytale life, now does it?

It definitely wasn't a marriage without fighting. I am not sure how much nagging there was but I remember doing a lot of begging in those days. I would beg my husband to stay at home at night with me, love me and make me feel special. I left that marriage feeling defeated, like a failure and like I didn't deserve to be happy and loved.

We serve a God of second chances and I was granted another chance at living happily ever after.

God blessed me with a wonderful husband that was exactly what I was praying for...he met every desire that I had wanted and prayed for in a husband.

Has our marriage be without problems? "No" Have I always been a loving, sweet and kind wife throughout our nearly 18 years of marriage? "No".

We are going through the Love Dare video and workbook in Sunday School. I know for a fact that I have so many area that I need to improve on. The Lord is continually working on me to make the changes that He wants to see in me as a wife.

What kind of wife are you? The book of Proverbs have numerous scriptures referencing being a good wife and a bad wife. I know from time to time (probably more than I want to admit) I have fallen into the catagory of a bad wife. I am including a few verses on both the good and the bad.

Good Wife
Proverbs 19:14
House and riches are the inheritance of fathers: and a prudent wife is from the LORD

Proverbs 18:22
Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the LORD.

Bad Wife
Proverbs 19:13
A foolish son is the calamity of his father: and the contentions of a wife are a continual dropping.

Proverbs 21:19
Better to live in a desert than with a quarrelsome and ill-tempered wife.

Proverbs 25:24
Better to live on a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.

I have been guilty of being quarrelsome and ill-tempered which is not pleasing to Jesus Christ.

Dear Heavenly Father:
You see my heart today and the love that I have for Roger. I know that I haven't always been the best wife to him and for that, I ask you to forgive me. Help me to always remember that Roger is a gift from you to me and a second chance to be happily married. Help me, Lord to honor, respect, love, nurture and encourage him all the days of his life as you have instructed me to do. I ask that you continue to bless the our marriage for the rest of our lives and as we grow old together to never lose focus of the precious gift we are to each other. Lord, I want to be a good wife in your eyes and in Roger's. I want to be pleasing to you, Lord and my wonderful husband.

Ecclesiastes 9:9
Relish life with the spouse you love Each and every day of your precarious life. Each day is God's gift. It's all you get in exchange For the hard work of staying alive. Make the most of each one!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. I love your heart my friend! I think we all have days of good wife/bad wife. Just as long as the good wife prevails we are all right LOL.
    Hugs to you.

  2. Praying many blessings over your marriage. I love you my friend.

  3. Great post again. I have the love dare book and want to start it soon, but I don't want hubby to know. I am getting the DVD today...I pre bought it and got the soundtrack free. I loved that movie.

  4. Great post Sister! I would be afraid to take that course with my Boaz! He is notorious for ELBOWING ME for the world to see when points are made in areas where I need help. I'd probably leave black and blue. (Or he would after I got tired of being poked. lol)

    Seriously, I know I have plenty of areas where I need to improve. And I am SO GRATEFUL God brought you someone who would treat you well and love you!


  5. Great verses you share here. I would like to say that I have always been the submissive, loving,doting, sweet tongued wife for these past 28 years BUT... well there's that but again. Thank goodness for Gods refining, molding, and forgiving power. (and hubby's forgiveness too!) -love Laurie

  6. Dear friend, what a revealing and open message. Thank you for sharing your heart. I will pray for you and your hubby. Praying for marriages are essential.

    Lovingly in Christ...

  7. What a great post and a great reminder. I have a love/hate relationship with the Titus2 Prov.31 woman...hehehehe!

  8. Hello my sweet friend,

    This post was just what I needed right now. What a blessing!

    We haven't watched the movie yet. We were waiting for it to come out on DVD so that we could watch it at home just the 2 of us. I bought it today and we are going to watch it this weekend. I also got the love dare book. We are both very excited about it!

    I know the mistakes that I have made and the blessings that I have missed because of them but I know that God has so much in store for our marriage. I cant wait!

    I will post the pictures of Taylor's dress soon. I am not ready for these formal dances yet! I didn't think they would start in the 6th grade! She is so excited about it though so that is all that matters!

    Talk to you again soon.
    Love you bunches!

  9. Jennifer,

    I am so happy I am able to leave a comment. Yesterday, I was unable to access this box! lol

    What a precious post, my friend. I am blessed to be in a great marriage filled with love and laughter and a man who walks me through the days of unharmony gracefully.

    We serve an awesome Lord, my sister and I am delighted to hear of Him working so mightily in your heart and in your marriage.

    ((hugs)) to you today!

  10. Great post! Praying for your marriage - and mine too...


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