Monday, December 1, 2008

Few More Decorating Memories of Mine!

I was replying to someone's comment that was left on my site and it brought back quite a few memories of Christmas past.

I have always decorated my house on the outside, regardless of whether it was my first marriage or this one. I love Christmas lights and I love to drive around to see other people's houses all decorated too. It is almost like a contagious things around starts...then another...then another and finally, most of the neighborhood is lit up.

I started out small in our first home...lights in the bushes around our house, wreath on the doors...then it started to grow. I put yard decorations out, spotlight on the front door and lights on the house. Our second home...I bought 10 wreaths and made 10 big red bows for each one. I still use those wreaths today...only 6 windows now.

I have decorated outside every year but one in our nearly 18 years of marriage. That year...14 years wonderful hubby did it for me because I was pregnant and sick as a dog! I am quite sure that he didn't want to but he knew how important it was to me and he did it anyway.

I stopped traffic more than once because "men" thought I needed some help. You see...we had this very, very tall gable on our old house....the peak was so tall that I still couldn't reach it with an extension ladder.

Now....I hate extension ladders. I am a daredevil and love a frightful thrill but I can't stand extension ladders or Ferris wheels! The scare me to death.

I would stand on the tip top of the extension ladder...praying continually...stretching as far as my short arms would reach. Then I would climb down that ladder and get on the step ladder. From there...I would climb on the roof...walk up the steep incline of the gable, sit on the peak's ridge and hang the lights over the edge. That's what stopped the traffic!

Crazy? Yes, but I love Christmas lights!

Our other house we had...I could climb out on and walk along the roof from the up stairs attic window and put wreaths on the second story windows. I would have to take the screen off my son's bedroom window, raise it and it on the edge with nothing below except the flowerbed and sidewalk to put that wreath out.. I was so thankful that that house only had "dog houses" on the roof and a straight line of gutters all the way around. Wheeee...not gables to hang lights on! That was the year that I went to the icicle lights. They are beautiful at night....ohhhhhh, I love them.

The home we have a straight shot also...but, many, many trips up and down a ladder to complete. It is so worth it!, I'm addicted! Exhausted but addicted. I still have probably 2 nights of work left but I promise the pictures will come!

Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. putting it all up is fun but taking it down is a drag to me. We have never been one to really decorate outside but the last couple of years we have put a few lights out there...beleive nothing that anybody would WANT to drive by and look at....we'll just come look at your lights! -love Laurie

  2. Well I am thoroughly exhausted just reading about your decorating escapades! I am sooo afraid of heights! I am glad you'll be taking pictures. I want to see!

  3. Oh I can't wait to see pictures and I have to tell you that I cracked up at your comment on my blog about coon hunting!!!! All the people's comments ended up being funnier than my post lol. I love it when a post "triggers" a memory!!

  4. Oooooh, I can't wait to see! I bet it looks great! My husband has been telling me for 4 years (we have been married for 4 years) that he will do lights outside. Hasn't happened yet! :)

    Thanks for the tag...I actually did that a little bit ago. You might have to scroll down to find it. Those are so fun to read! I enjoyed your list :)

  5. I'm exhausted reading about this! Putting up the decorations is fun.... taking down... no so much fun!

  6. You wore me out just reading about your decorating, but I cannot wait to see pics! Sounds fun and beautiful!

  7. I would love to see pics when it is all done! I am proud of you for getting up there and doing it. You are a much braver woman than I am!

  8. Thanks for your comment today on my blog post. Guess it is God trying to tell us all something if PR devoted about it also. I don't receive his text devotions so I know it must be a God thing....have an awesome day. love, Laurie

  9. As I shared in my Getting to Know Me post, beginning about 3 Christmases ago, we stopped doing outside lights and began using only a cross of white lights. While we like the simplicity of that single cross, we do LOVE to look at Christmas lights. I'm glad there are lots of folks in your area that still do lights, as in our area, they are few and far between. I'm talking about the REALLY lit up houses...those are few and far between.

    Can't wait to see your photos. I'm sure your handiwork looks stunning.



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