Friday, November 14, 2008

I've Been Tagged...15 Things

I’ve been tagged by Denise at Shorty Bears Place...I just thought I had dodged the bullet on this tag :) BUSTED!

15 things that I’m not afraid to admit...Yikes!!!

Well... I have a lot of things that I could say but some of them are just, I’m going to do a post later on quirky things that I do. So...stay tuned and you will either laugh or think I’m just plain’ll have to let me know which one it is.

1. I’m not a chocolate lover but I'd rather have starches and salty foods.

2. I personally have a huge hang up on wearing jeans to church on Sunday mornings.

3. I was raised Baptist and attended a Baptist church for 19 years before attending and finally joining an Assembly of God church 27 years ago.

4. I took a poll earlier this week...asking if you would ever have cosmetic plastic surgery...the poll is still in the right sidebar with the results. Well, I voted that I have already had plastic surgery and loved the results. I have had several procedures done within a two year period (10 yrs. ago) however, you would never know what I had done if you didn’t know me before. If the financing ever becomes available again... I will have another 1-2 done. Again, it will be a subtle change, but I will know it and it will make me feel better.

5. I'm always late or nearly late...I have to drive like a manic to get there on time. I hate to have to wait's waste of my time so I'm guilty of cutting it too close...most of the time. The roof would cave in if I ever got to church on Sunday mornings on time! 8:00 AM is too early and the second service runs too long. Sorry, Pastor Rusty :) It drives my husband crazy because he wants to leave an hour earlier than what you would normally have to leave.

6. I prefer yard work anyday over housework.

7. I had a total hysterectomy 2 years ago and I LOVE IT!!!

8. I have battled with anxiety, depression and severe mood swings (brought on by PMS) in the past for a number of years. The mood swings were taken care of after my hysterectomy because he removed my ovaries too. The anxiety and depression arise from time to time but I've learned how to handle it.

9. My husband knows when I forget to take my got it...I have major mood swings again. He will ask me "did you take your hormones this morning? Grrrrrr! But, usually the answer is "no".

10. I love to organize things...anything! I have organized my attic, the garage (sorted every screw, nut, bolt and nail that we own...seriously), the storage room, the cabinets, the closets...other people cabinets and closets. I love to organize someones move...packing and unpacking. Ok, I know that is weird!

11. I'm a handywoman...if it can be fixed or rigged...I can devise a way to do it...a workable way to do it, at that. My theory is...if it can be taught and/or learned...then if you can do can I. I have taught myself to lay vinyl flooring, build things, refinish furniture, lay ceramic tile, pour concrete (well, I learned that in "Agri" my senior year...along with cutting with a blow torch and I used to be able to weld)...I love the challenge!!! My daddy didn't raise a girly girl.

12. I'm not a very affectionate person (that I blame on my ex because I was before him)...I am with my kids but I struggle and have to work at it with others.

13. I hate to dust! I would vacuum, sweep or mop everyday if I could get out of dusting.

14. I clean my house to nearly spotless before we leave on a trip. My thoughts are...If I die while I'm gone...I don't want my friends and family taking about what a nasty housekeeper I was...after I die.

15. I get up, shower, fix my hair and put on my make-up...even if I'm not leaving the house...I work from home and I seem to be more productive that way. But, I also do it before I go exercise...I look terrible without make-up...I don't want anyone to see me that way. is something funny about that...I was having surgery about 10 years ago and I hate to be seen without at least mascara. So, even though, they said "don't wear any make-up the morning of your surgery"...well, I put mascara on. When I woke up (stayed for 23 hour observation) got up and went to the potty...I saw myself in the mirror. I know now why they say don't wear make-up. It was all over my face due to the drops or grease they put in your eyes during surgery...believe me...waterproof doesn't help one bit.

Now, I am tagging...Tammy at Not Mine But God's're it, Tammy.


  1. I am going to try to be brief as I respond to these admissions, but, you know me, I'm pretty wordy, so I'm sure I won't be as brief as I'd like to be.

    #1. I am so with you!! I could live without chocolate---unlike most females. But potato chips, tortilla chips, and other salty (fatty) foods are my undoing!! (No wonder I've gained weight)

    #4. I'd sure like to try liposuction for this extra weight I've got. Then again, if I just totally eliminated the above foods, I might have a better chance of it coming off naturally.

    #5. I'm usually early for most things. I've pretty much been that way for most of my life.

    #8. Depression---we used to go to a church where they preach from the pulpit that there is no such thing as depression or mental illness. They used to say that if you were on anti-depressants you were in sin. Many people in the congregation stopped taking their meds---with disastrous results. Although neither my husband or I use anti-depressants, we felt this was wrong and dangerous teaching, so we left that church.

    #13 I used to not dust my house. I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say the dust was 2 inches thick on the flat surfaces in my home. Anyhow, as a result, I (and my kids) developed an allergy to dust. My kids lived for years on allergy medicine and antibiotics for the resulting sinus and ear infections. It was worse for me, though. I developed chronic sinus infections and chronic bronchitis from the allergies. I LIVED on antibiotics for years. The severe coughing from the chronic bronchitis caused me to rupture a disc in my back, for which I needed surgery. The severe coughing also caused me to prolapse my uterus. I've brought it up again via exercise and trying to avoid pants and skirts that are tight at the waist, which, via gravity, push the uterus further down. One time, the bronchitis didn't respond to antibiotics, and I ended up with pneumonia. That was the sickest I've ever been in my life. I was pretty sick for about 2 months, and after that, I developed asthma, for which I used an inhaler for 3 years. All that to say, I now stay on top of the dust!!

    #15 A hearty AMEN!! Gotta get dressed and put together in the morning. I've often heard other homeschooling moms say they love being able to do school in their pajamas. Not me!! Although I like to get in my jammies early in the evening (in the winter), I definitely want to gussy myself up to begin my day. If I was going out into the workplace, I would do that. Doesn't my family deserve my best as well?

    Anyhow, as I told you, this would end up being a rambling comment. I just don't say anything quickly, I guess.

    Anyhow, this was fun to learn about you...and if we ever get together, I won't be offended if you arrive late.

    Love in Christ,

  2. Ok, now my reply to your comment.

    #4...I had liposuction and that one...I would NEVER do again. It was the 3rd thing that I did and I almost backed out waiting to go to surgery...can you and blue, swollen and hurt for many weeks plus had to wear a compression bodysuit x 6 weeks! Believe felt better with it on than off. Painful!!! Confession...(I don't care who knows what I had done)...I had a tummy tuck and breast reduction was 34DDD, liposuction, 2nd breast reduction was 34DD (took birth control pills and they grew back!) both times went to 34C and still there, had my deviated septum (nose) fixed so I could breathe and while I was already there...had the tip of my nose reduced. I want either a brow lift or an eye lid life some day...before the skins covers my whole eyeball and I can't see.

    Some might call it vanity...I call it feeling good about myself and looking good for my hubby...he paid for all of them and didn't have a problem with it...actually, he was very pleased with the results. It is same reason that I lay in the tanning bed...might be unhealthy but I feel great when I'm tanned. Please know that I'm not making light of the dangers of skin cancer but it is a choice that I make for myself.

    #8...OH, MY!!!! I would have run for the hills if I heard any preacher say that.

    #15. I do come back home most days and take off my jeans...put on my pajama pants and work until I have to re-dress to pick Ty up at school...just more make-up is on and hair is styled :)

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    I so enjoyed reading your list, you made me smile, I love your realness and honesty. And I too am not a chocolate person but lovveee Salty and sour things lol. Salt and vinegar chips are my favorites. I am late most times and I wait till the last minute to do something important lol but I'm much better now!!
    not to late *smile*

    Hugz Lorie

  4. Lorie, I love salt and vinegar chips, sour patch candy, sour worms, chips, salsa...all that good stuff.

    I love seeing what different ones like and dislake. This makes it fun!!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Jennifer,

    I do the same thing when it comes to cleaning my house before vacation.:)

    Drop over to see my 15 things,when you get time.


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