Friday, October 17, 2008

One Word Answers...About Me

Just To Have A Little Fun on Friday! (Ok...I made a couple one words that weren't)

  • Where is your cell phone? Kitchen
  • Martial status? Married
  • Number of years married? 17.5
  • Spouse's name? Roger
  • Month of anniversary? February
  • Day of anniversary? 23rd
  • Your hair color? Brown
  • Your mother? Greatest
  • Your father? Deceased
  • Your favorite thing? Family
  • Number of birthdays celebrated? 45
  • Month of birth? October
  • Day of birth? 20th
  • How many children do I have? 4
  • What type of family do I have? Blended
  • How many boys do I have? 2
  • How many girls do I have? 2
  • My oldest child's name? Sommer
  • My 2nd child's name? Ryan
  • My 3rd child's name? Brandon
  • My 4th child's name? Tyler
  • My oldest child's age? 30
  • My youngest child's age? 14
  • Any grandchildren? Yes
  • Is grandchild a boy or girl? Boy
  • How old is he? 7
  • His name? Mason
  • Favorite past-time? Camping
  • Church affiliation? Assembly
  • Favorite type food? Mexican
  • Favorite restaurant? Margaritas
  • Favorite season? Summer
  • Favorite article of clothing? Shorts
  • Political party? Republican
  • Are you employed? Yes
  • Furthest place ever traveled to? Quito (Ecuador)
  • Favorite vacation spot? Beach
  • Desired vacation destination? Grand Canyon (ok, 2)
  • Your dream last night? None
  • Your favorite drink? Diet Dr. Pepper (ok, 3)
  • Your dream/goal? Travel
  • The room you're in? Den
  • Your fear? Loss
  • Where will you be in 6 years? Childless:(
  • Where were you last night? Gym
  • What you're not? Laidback
  • Muffins? Blueberry
  • One of your wish list items? Debtless
  • Where you grew up? Earle
  • Your TV? On
  • Your pet? Biscuit
  • Breed? Maltese
  • Age? 5
  • Your computer? MINE
  • Your life? Wonderful
  • Your mood? Happy
  • Missing someone? YES
  • Car you drive? Malibu
  • Year model? '08
  • Color of Car? Gray
  • Something you're not wearing? Shoes
  • Favorite Store? Kohl's
  • Your summer? Relaxing
  • Your favorite color? Brown
  • When is the last time you laughed? Tonight
  • Last time you cried? Week



  1. Hey Jen,
    I learned something here...and next time you head to Kohls, bring me along - it is also my fav place to shop! and I love it when they give out those Kohls bucks. have a great weekend. love ya.

  2. Very unusual to list Gray as a favorite color. :0)

    Thanks for sharing.

    A Hoosier Family-
    Assembly of God Blogs-

  3., my favorite color is brown and my car is gray:)



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