Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Going Home and The Legacy Left Behind

Yesterday morning all of heaven was rejoicing at one of God's children coming home and this earth felt sorrow at the loss of one of it's most Godly men, Commander Frank.

The caliber of this man is quickly becoming a rarity! He reminds me of someone that I love dearly, who I lost 19 years daddy. The warmth of his smile, the pat on the back when he spoke to you, called you by name, the gentleness of his spirit and always appeared to be happy regardless of whatever might have been going on in his would never have known. In the 17 years that I knew this wonderful man...I never saw him with anything on his face...except a smile!

He was a man who adored his beautiful wife, Mrs. Peggy...oh, what a precious couple. I could only hope that Roger and I "grow up" to be like them. You could just tell from his affection, behavior and attention that he paid his wife, he was very protective of her. It was obvious that he was devoted to her, cherished her and loved her with everything within him.

His daughters...K and S, he was so proud of his girls and would beam when he spoke their names...the gleam in his eye said it all...he was so proud of them and the young ladies that they had become. His family was his life.

But, when he became "Papa", they were "Papa's pride and joy". The smile on his face when he talked about his three grandchildren was priceless...K, Z and MC...he loved them with all his heart and was very, very proud of each one of them.

The gentleness of his spirit was so profound. His love for his Lord and Savior shone on his face and in the words that he spoke...everyday...not just on Sundays and Wednesdays. He was in church with his family everytime the doors were open.

As the generation of Godly leaders, spiritual head of the household and geniune Christian men (in church and out) seems to be fading away...where their are fewer men, husbands and fathers in church to a growing number of women, wives and mothers taking their families to church...we could all learn from Commander Frank. He truly led by example...a Godly example.

I met him, got to know him and will always refer to him as Commander Frank. You see, when we started going to WM A/G, our oldest son was in Royal Rangers and Commander Frank was the leader of the group. He invested so much into the little lives of all the boys who went through the program and what an impact he had on each of them.

Roger became one of the Royal Ranger leaders and nearly every Wednesday night when he was late coming out...after all the kids had left...I knew where to find him. He was in Commander Frank's office soaking in all the wisdom and knowlege that he was saying about whatever the subject was. When I would appear in the doorway, Commander Frank would just smile from ear to ear and tell better get going...we've been caught again. They would share a laugh together because they knew that I would come looking for Roger...ready to take my child home to bed. It didn't stop them because the next was the same thing.

Roger couldn't get enough of Commander Frank then or in the years to come. Every chance he got, especially when he worked in same area as Commander Frank's shop, he was talking to him. He had such an impact of my husband over the years. I believe he invested a lot of time, wisdom and knowlege without ever knowing it. He shared things from his life that will always be so valuable to my husband and he will carry with him through the rest of his life. It's hard for me to believe that anyone could make Roger a better person because he is already totally amazing but I know that Commander Frank did.

Roger said that he always simplified life and what a Christian should be...he led by example. If a person never had a Bible to read about how a Christian should live...all they would have to do is pattern themselves after Commander Frank...a shining example of a Godly man, husband, father and grandfather.

Commander will be greatly missed by all who knew you.

You are rejoicing around the throne of your Lord and Savior right now and we will see you again. I hope your mansion is next door to my "hero" daddy! You two are one of a kind...get to know each much alike, so much in common.

II Corinthians 5:8
We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord


  1. Wonderful tribute to Frank. A wonderful example of a Christian serving others .... tomorrow on my THANKFUL THURSDAY post - I honor him for his unconditional love and servants heart. An adopted Grandpa to my kids and a faithful friend - my life is forever changed for knowing him. -love ya, Laurie

  2. It is wonderful to have Legacy fingerprints in our lives!


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