Saturday, August 30, 2008

Living Deep In The Enemy Territory

Have you ever felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole? Have you lived somewhere since birth but yet you still don't feel like you really belong here? Have you ever felt like you are the only one who believes in something or someone? Were you raised in a home (as you remember it, at least) that was different than most? Did you live in an area but yet, you really didn't support the one thing that seemed to unite most people in your area?

If this seems to sum you up as it does me...


They're back!

Yes, I have lived in Arkansas all my life and as I remember one in my house were Arkansas Razorback fans...that is, not until my brother attended the University of Arkansas. He is a die hard fan now. I could have cared less about any football growing up except for my high school team...all others, well, they were a waste of my precious time. My dad might have watched football on television but I don't remember it running like it does in my house now.

It has started again already....Monday, Thursday, Saturday and least. If that's not bad enough...but try this....

Try living in Arkansas and being married to the University of South Carolina Gamecock #1 fan! No, this is an inadequate statement...Roger is a University of South Carolina graduate, former Gamecock Letterman, former Gamecock defensive end, former Gamecock football captain, son of a former Gamecock offensive and defensive end, as well as a former football captain plus is a brother to a former Gamecock offensive end and football captain....think the Gamecock blood doesn't run deep!

When you marry a become a Gamecock!!! You take the good, the bad and the ugly...stand by your Gamecocks regardless of their record.

Then, add a little more to that with...we attend WM 1st A/G...home of the most dedicated Arkansas Razorback die hard fan/pastor in history, along with a few Tennessee Vols fans as members too.

Do you think we are outnumbered?

It just keeps getting better....we are surrounded by Razorback fans in our town, in our subdivision and they ALL know we are Gamecock fans. We proudly fly the Gamecock flag outside our house, have had the Gamecock license plates and bumper stickers plus we proudly wear the University of South Carolina Gamecock official football apparel.

Of course, we have been the target of all the SEC jokes in the past, the jabs from the pulpit, the poking fun remarks and we even, had our flag stolen last year after we lost to a joke! All in good fun.

Hey, but when we win or lose...we always show up for church on Sunday unlike some Tennessee Vols fans...when they lose to the Gamecocks or Razorbacks...they don't come to church.

Yes, Roger is a gracious winner (ok, when we win) and is never obnoxious...he just wears his Gamecock polo to church! I might not be often but it has happened.

Roger just said that is Steve Spurrier can pull it off this year and win...he will be a nice way, though!


Yea...That's my man! Roger the 1st picture...making the tackle and almost stripping the football away. Picture #2...He is being mobbed by his teammates after picking off a pass in the last seconds of the game against Kentucky...resulting in a 14-14 tie!

Sorry, nothing spiritual on this post...the rivalry has begun again for another season of football.

We love you, Pastor Rusty and friends! Sorry, but that might be the only jab of this season I get to make:) Go Gamecocks!!!!!!!

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  1. woooooo pig soooooie!!!!!

    Once again we are the football widows.
    and they have brain washed our sons and daughters....

    Let the tailgate down and chicken roasting begin! :)

    Cute post
    luv ya girl!


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