Saturday, April 5, 2008

Christians...We Need To Get Our Heads Out Of The Sand!

Please watch this video and judge this by the Word of God! We need to be aware of what is being brought into our homes daily by a popular talk show host. I was shocked at what I saw and heard. I ask can people especially Christians believe this stuff...but Satan is deceiving as many people in the last days as he possibly can. Will you be one of those who gets deceived by Satan? Search the scriptures and know for yourself what the Word of God says.

Watch this video about Oprah. You will need to scroll down and pause my music before watching this video.


  1. Wow, I came accross this the other day too. I was so disgusted! I had sensed all of this from her already, but this just brought it all together for me.

  2. As is about time that we took a stand against the enemy and his deceptive/sneaky ways of planting doubt in all mankind's especially Christians' minds. He is using a popular, seemingly trustworthy person to get his doubt out and into our minds. We need to make sure that our TVs never get turned on during her show. If all Christians will take this stand then she willt notice a drop in her ratings. God will pervail!


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