Tuesday, August 4, 2009

~20 Years Ago Today~

20 years ago today, August 4th, 1989, I lost my best friend, hero, greatest supporter, mentor, my children's Pawpaw...my Daddy!

He left this life on earth too soon for me, but not too soon in God's timing. I was only 26 years old and I still needed my Daddy! I don't understand why it was his time and it doesn't change the pain that I still feel today in his absence...but, I trust my Heavenly Father in His decision to take him home. God never makes a mistake and He saw the bigger picture that we can't see.


I love you so much and I miss you greatly! We shared so many things together...our looks, personality, spunk, sense of humor, handyman abilities, your love for Christmas and love for life.

I will never forget the day that I was in 1st grade, sitting at my little desk just working away when Mom came to check me out of school.

You called her and told her to go get me from school. She was worried that something was wrong and began to question you. You told her that nothing was wrong and to go get me, bring me home, change my clothes and you'd be there to get me in just a little bit. You went on to explain that you had to fly to Dallas and you were taking me with you for the day. You said that you always took my brother, Jeff but wasn't able to take me because you couldn't take me in the boys bathroom with you. You saw the opportunity for a day trip to Dallas and you wanted to share it with your daughter...me!

I still smile when I think of the different times that after I was divorced and raising Brandon on my own that you walked me to the car after work when I was at your house to pick up Brandon from Mom. You knew that I would never ask for a dime and you were so proud of that. You would walk outside with me, open you wallet, get a $100.00 bill out, slip it into my hand and say "if you tell your anyone, you'll never get another one". Daddy believed in helping each of his kids as the need arose and Mom believes if you give to one, you give to all 4 at the same time...I love that about both of them...they help the kids whenever we need them. He always knew when Brandon and I were in need without me ever saying a word.

Laughter is spilling out of me right now when I think back to mowing the John Deere yard for you. The guys that worked for you knew that I was spoiled and would give me a hard time about it. One day, Leroy said to me "do you get everything you want?" and I said "all I have to say is "Daddy, gimme me and Daddy gives me!"...you burst out laughing and said "she knows me all too well!" **Ok...so I'm was spoiled rotten! LOL...I was the baby of 4 kiddos!**

Or, when I climbed the water tower the night before graduation with a couple of classmates, spray painted our names on it (it sits at the end of the football field...where we would graduate) and then, I told you our secret. On graduation night, you looked up at the water tower that had been personally autographed my me...you laughed and said "that's my girl".

I also remember coming up to you at the Riverboat Festival in Parkin just over 26 years ago and asked you to borrow $20.00 so I could talk Brian Byrd into doing a helicopter tour with me. You gave me the money and when it was time for us to take off...you, Mom and Ashley sat on the back of your El Camino to watch us fly. As you sat there watching, laughing and talking about it to Ashley (3 year old niece)...your joy turned to horror as you watched our helicopter with us on board crash into the street on the other side of City Hall. You ran to get to us because the building blocked your view and you were so afraid of what you would find when you got to us.

You told me later that the best sight that you have ever seen was those big, brown eyes looking back at you. With the rotors still turning, you couldn't get to me but you were the first person that I saw that day. As always, you were my hero, my comforter, my strength.

I asked for a refund from the pilot and gave you your money back too! LOL

I strive to create memories with my children and husband because of the great parents that I have in you and Mom. Every year, we went on vacation and created memories. Yes, even the 30 day trip to Alaska from Arkansas...driving in a motorhome...created some of the greatest memories of all.

Thank you and Mom for giving of yourselves, loving your children regardless of our choices, supported us, offered a helping hand anytime we needed it and gave us the space to grow and learn on our own when we needed that too.

I only wish that you could have meet my wonderful, loving husband, Roger. You would have been so proud to call him your son-in-law...he is everything that you ever wanted for me as a husband. He provides for me, loves me, protects me and loves our children with all his heart...just like you, Daddy. I got it right this time :-)

You never got to meet your other grandson, Tyler or your step-granddaughters, Sommer and Ryan or your great-grandson, Mason. It is truly a loss for both them and you!

I love you so much and I can't wait to see you again...walking the streets of gold!


(I am the only one out of 4 children that looked like my Daddy...olive skin, dark hair and brown eyes.)

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. Beautiful tribute to your Dad! Sometimes it is hard to understand GOD's timing. My youngest sister was killed at 17 yrs of age (20 yrs ago this year). She is never more than a thought away.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. What a beautiful letter. Sounds like he was a very special man. HOw awesome that you will see him again some day soon. What a nice picture of you two.

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your daddy...I had tears and a big smile...Wonderful story..I am a daddys girl too.

  4. Such a beautiful tribute to your dear dad.

  5. Jennifer,

    I know that every memory and every word that went into this tribute letter to your dad will be read to him. He knows beyond a shadow of a doubt the amount of love and admiration you have for him.

    You are beautiful and loving and I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this letter to your dad with all of us, but mostly with him.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. Jennifer, I loved reading this tribute to your dad. You are so fortunate to have had a wonderful relationship with your father. Too few women do. I too have a great dad; not perfect but always shows me love and let's me know he thinks I'm special. I believe that is so valuable to any girl to know.

    Hugs to you Jennifer. One day you will see your dad again.

  7. Oh my friend. What a wonderful post about your Daddy!!! I can't imagine losing him so early in life but like you said you will see him again some day!
    BIG HUGS!!!!

  8. This blessed my heart! I feel toward my Grandpa what you had with your Daddy.

    I loved this line as it's so the way Grandpa was with me as a single Mom: "You knew that I would never ask for a dime and you were so proud of that. You would walk outside with me, open you wallet, get a $100.00 bill out, slip it into my hand and say "if you tell your anyone, you'll never get another one"."

    You were a beautiful bride and still are!

    Loved the sharing dear one. Love you.

  9. Got teary reading this one, Jenn. What a loving post to a loving Daddy. You are blessed to have these memories.

  10. This was my first opportunity to visit your blog That was a beautiful tribute to your father. He sounds like a wonderful and unique man. I lost my father 2 years ago and I can relate to the empty space it leaves in your life, but I also look forward to a happy reunion one day.

    Tonya Pankey


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