Friday, May 8, 2009


I just received this email and it said that I had been nominated by someone for the Awesomest Blog Award. I am humbled and honored. I see by the recipients of this email that many of my bloggy sisters have been nominated as well. This is the email that I received:


If you are receiving this email, you have been nominated to receive an Awesome Blog award!

Just some important information for you:Voting Day is May 11th, from 12:01 am to 10:30pm.

You may vote ONCE per IP address.

You are allowed to recruit as many family and friends to vote you for as you wish!

If you want to get the word out so that others can vote for you, let them know ASAP!

Winners will be announced Tuesday, May 12th at

If you are a winner, please email me with your address and specify what gift you have chosen.($5 gift card from Target, Walmart, or Starbucks)

All winners will go into a drawing for the Grand Prize of a $50 gift card. The winner will be announced (at the latest!) Wed. May 13th.

If you are winner, your blog will be featured on!

You will also be featured on my blog!

Even if this is not important to you, or you just feel too humbled to talk about your nomination... you were important enough to someone else for them to want to nominate you. Let your fans know where they can go to give you some well deserved credit for all you do!

I am so proud of all of the nominees. Even though they are diverse, they all share one common thread, and that is kindness. You all have exhibited great writing, great ideas, and great inspiration!!

Well done to ALL of the nominees!

Is this for real? What do you guys think? I normally don't open emails that I am unsure of who they are from. If it is real...thank you!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. it is for real, i was also nominated for the most awesomest political blog :)

  2. Jennifer,

    Well now I know how they pick the winners to host on

    Where do we submit your nomination?

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. lol of course its for real! lol You are a wonderful inspiration to many!!

    Well done!

    Many blessings-

  4. I got the same one from Amanda! It's for real. She wants us to spread the word and toot our own horn a little! LOL. It is humbling. You have a great blog though my friend and I'm not surprised. Of course I'm sure we aren't in the same category! LOL. You have it way to together! LoL.
    Love you sweet sister.
    I'll probably post about it tomorrow as I would like the Starbucks card! LOL.

  5. yes this is for real...I know Amanda on blogland. she is a wonderful person. Congrats.

  6. Yes it is real, and you so deserve the nomination! Good luck to you and all the other nominees.

  7. Itis. I was also nominated and contaced by email that I was. I didn't know there was a cash prize. thats cool.

  8. Yes sweet's for real...and yes, you were nominated...probably a few times (fairly certain of this!)

    Love ya dearly!


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