Sunday, May 24, 2009

Meeting Laurie Ann!

Laurie, Jennifer and Laurie Ann

Friday, May 22, 2009 will always be a day that I remember. It is one that brought me face to face with a precious bloggy sister that I have blogged with, emailed and texted for many months.

When I started blogging over a year ago, I never thought that I would actually ever get to meet any of the ladies that I have grown to love and consider friends of mine. This past Friday changed all of that for me.

Laurie from Women Taking A Stand and I left at 9 AM to drive 2 hours south down into Mississippi to meet Laurie Ann from A Magnolia's Heart Beats. Laurie Ann drove 2 hours north to meet us.

We met at McAlister's for lunch. We knew that we would be spending several hours chatting and we didn't want to hold up any one's table, so this seemed like the perfect solution.

We had beautiful weather and we sat outside for 2.5 hours...eating and fellowshipping before having to head back home. I wasn't ready to leave then! I could have sat there for several more hours but because Laurie had a graduation to attend and my family was leaving for a camping weekend with friends...we had to go. :-(

Meeting Laurie Ann for the first time was like seeing an old friends that you haven't seen in years. There was never an awkward moment, never a lack of things to talk about and such easy talking.

We wrapped up our visit by taking pictures out by the beautiful landscape in the front "yard" of McAlister's and stood together, holding hands in a circle and Laurie prayed a powerful prayer over our time that we spent together and our return home to our families.

We discussed our next get together...I can't wait to spend more time with Laurie Ann!

Laurie Ann and Me (Jennifer)

Laurie Ann and Laurie

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. Jennifer,
    That is s neat! I've thought that this blogging would connect me to women I would call "my friend",like you.

    The last part of June my family will be going to Disney and I will be meeting Lisa Shaw from Sharing Life with Lisa. We are planning on spend the whole day together while my husband and daugther go to the water park, I don't like to get my hair wet. :)

    You looked like you had been friends for years.

    love and hugs~Tammy

  2. What a wonderful union of hearts...and friendships made in heaven. GOD BLESS all of you.

  3. Oh how fun is that? That's awesome! I haven't met any bloggy friends yet, and maybe never will. But still, it's fun to know that you did!

  4. That is so awesome, you are all beautiful ladies my friend.

  5. I saw this on Laurie Ann's blog. How cool for you three. That is so neat. What a blessing to meet other Christian sisters IRL.

  6. What a cute bunch of ladies!! I can imagine how hard it was to leave! What a precious time and memories! :) Good for ya'll!!

    I love the circle of prayer.- WOW!

  7. How very fun! I'm glad y'all had nice weather for your gathering. Great photos.

  8. You are all so beautiful!!! :) Rare jewels in the Father's crown!!!

  9. I'm so jealous! I did get to meet Debra from Clothed with Scarlet. It's exactly 2 hours from her house to ours. So that's not bad!!
    I'm glad you all had fun.
    Big hugs.

  10. That is so neat Jennifer! I love the pictures too. I'm sure you all had a wonderful time.


  11. What a wonderful time! It truly is an amazing thing...what the Lord is doing in Blog World to cultivate His Kingdom and healthy relationships. What a blessing this community has been to so many.

    Have a blessed week.

  12. Oh wow! How fun! I love Laurie Ann! Her blog is always so uplifting and inspiring. And how cool that you got to meet her. What a great day!


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