Monday, May 18, 2009

Blessings and Surprises

I am taking a quick break in my life story aka My Love Story to post this entry. I will post the next entry tomorrow. Stay gets better.

I received these lovely surprises in the mail over the past two weeks. Cheryl sent me the necklace that I won on her site and Tricia sent me a Pay It Forward gift. Both of these precious ladies made these things with their own hands and might I add...they are very talented.

Cheryl made this gorgeous necklace...the colors are hard to make out in this picture...but it is beautiful.

Tricia made me a great CD of songs and personalized note card with two bookmarks. Oh, I just love surprises in the mail.

As I said before...I love surprises in the mail but not in the floor by a dog with an attitude. Now, I know why I named her over 5 years ago...Biscuit With Attitude!!!

Tyler had a party to go to Saturday night, so Roger and I took him to drop him off, get a bite to eat and just spend some time alone...away from the house.

Biscuit is so spoiled and is used to going where we go. When she doesn't get to go...she will find something to get into to let us know she is mad at us for leaving her. I have learned over the past 5 years to close the bedroom door, put my office trash can up on the desk, close Ty's doors and make sure nothing is on the end tables in the living room. She doesn't tear up anything or eat it but will scatter whatever all over the floor...this time was no different.

Well, we were running late and I forgot to check the living room before this is the surprise that I came home to. These pictures don't do the mess justice...they were scattered all over the living room, under furniture, in the hall, foyer and even, into the dining room. It was too funny to be mad. She just looked at us and turned around...walked into our bedroom and got in the kennel...put herself in time out!

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. oh my! Too funny!!

    I love getting little surprises! - thoughtful gifts! :)

    Hope you enjoyed the time with your hubby. I love little dates like that.

  2. Oh that is too funny!

    We used to have a dog named Biscuit when I was growing up. And I am sure she was pretty spoiled too :o)

  3. Oh my! At least Biscuit didn't eat them! Wilson wolfed down half a box of pop-tarts the other day. Le' sigh. He was angered that we went to work.

  4. I am laughing so hard at the marshmallows! And I got my necklace from Cheryl too. It was very pretty.
    Big hugs to you my friend.

  5. Ohhh, I love your prizes! You are such a blessed woman to get such goodies!

    Bad puppy! I guess it could have been worse, right? lol

  6. How funny, your little Biscuit is adorable. We have two little toy poodles, and I decided a long time ago, they are to smart! They know exactly when they are in trouble. Have a Blessed rest of the week.

  7. What a cute post.. and an adorable, yet naughty dog.. LOL

  8. Jennifer,this was just to cute.I love the pic. of biscuit!Please keep me in your prayers.I go back to the doctor Wed.I am scared,but i know God will be with me all the way!Have a great evening! Bkessings, Faye

  9. oh biscuit!!!!! you bad doggee. very funny, our dog has done something similiar - she only chews on things when she is mad at us for being gone too long. :)

  10. Your doggie is so cute. I have two Bichons and when I go away one of them,not sure which one, get in to our bathroom trash. So now I have to remember to put it in the tub before I leave.

    If its not the kids,its the dogs that are making the mess :)

    Love your necklace!

    love and hugs~Tammy

  11. TOOOO CUTE...I have four dogs..three of which are therapy dogs. My dogs are very spoiled,too and do the same kind of craziness from time to time...I totally understand.

  12. I'm loving your dog! I have two male Maltese and they leave me gifts sometimes too (smile).

    What a treat the ladies who blessed you with those beautiful gifts!!!

    Love ya.


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