Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What I've Learned This Week

Well, this past week was a trying one for me. So, here are a few things I learned about myself and life.

  • The older I get, the more tired I become on the same amount of sleep as I've always gotten.

  • When I am tired, fatigue is always just under the surface...along with a few other "not so attractive" emotions...oops! (hiding my face in shame).

  • When I don't get the proper amount of rest, my eyes get tired easily and being in front of a computer for 8-9 hours a day causes daily headaches.

  • When I am tired, it takes fewer irritations to be "the straw that broke the camels back" and push my buttons to one extreme or the other...angry or slightly depressed.

  • When I get that tired, it is harder to pull myself out of the "funk" that I get in.

  • No matter how much I have grown spiritually, how close of walk I am having with God...when I don't get "good" rest when I sleep...I am personally opening the door for Satan to slither in and disrupt my life.
Bottom line...get the proper amount of sleep and put all my cares at the feet of Jesus so that I can get the rest that I need.

But...this will only work if...I turn off the TV, get off the computer and turn out the lights at a decent hour to insure enough hours of to get the proper amount of sleep!

This is what I've learned this week, what have you learned? For more learning experiences...visit Jo Lynne at Musing of a Housewife.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!






  2. Praying for you to rest my friend, love you.

  3. I hear you sister! I've been so tired since the time change. I know it's only an hour but it has messed my sleeping pattern up! LOL. Well at least that's what I'm blaming it on.
    Get some rest my friend.

  4. Jenn,

    I can so understand the lack of sleep leading to more raw emotions (sigh).

    I'm so glad you get to meet some of your bloggin buddies too! Awesome, my friend,...can't wait to read all about it!

    Much love to you!

  5. I hear you Jenn. I can usually run on empty for a day or two but eventually it catches up with me. Not only does my body need rest but my spirit also. Sometimes I just need to rest in Him and somehow all those emotions, moods and attitudes you mentioned seem to improve when I spend time with my Lord. -Have a great day! -Love, Laurie

  6. I am in that same tired boat this week. Here is hoping for more rest! Here Here!

  7. I have found the same thing to be true about sleep. It's amazing how much we really do need it. I pray you are able to get some rest this week my friend!

  8. I'm a huge advocate of sleep. I feel the same way - if I don't get enough, I'm cranky and it gets passed on to others and it shouldn't. Hope you're catching those zzz's and making time for you.

  9. (((Hugs))) coming your way.

    Be gentle to yourself. We don't want your body worn out and get sick! :)

    Have a good and restful day.

  10. I hear you on the being tired thing! It really messes up everything, doesn't it?

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog. I know what you mean about sleep. Now that I'm in my 40's I notice I wake up like this morning..feeling like I've been ran over by a truck and thinking I slept pretty good..there really is no explanation. I guess that's part of getting older.

  12. AMEN! AMEN! AMEN! I pray for a restful and productive week for you my friend.

  13. Oh yes - Amen sister!

    Love and need my sleep :)

  14. That is an excellent lesson to learn Jennifer....i try to get proper amounts of sleep, it does not always work and you are correct in all of your assessments.

    woohoo i am getting to comment on blogs today, i have missed leaving you comment love.

  15. Great lesson learned. I'm the same way, sistergirl. I have to have my sleep. I do okay on the first day of missed sleep but it starts to catch up with me and then, well, it's not pretty. For me it's laying down that book at night. I could just read forever sometimes it seems.

  16. Totally agree. Plus, in our 40's our hormones start fluctuating even more so. Can you say fun, fun, fun! Have you noticed that "tired" and "tried" are the same except for the movement of a letter? Hmmmmm....When I'm tired I try not to make any big decisions or anything.

  17. You are so right. I seem to need more sleep than I used to and it makes all the difference in my attitude.

  18. I was just thinking today that I really really really wish someone would invent an energy pill that would allow me the endurance to exercise, keep up with the kids, clean, and have a little left over at the end of every day.

    You're not alone!

  19. Great stuff on rest and sleep Jennifer.
    This was my first visit and I am glad I came. This was a reminder to me!

  20. Hey Sis,
    ((((Hugz))) Biy I needed this, boy talk about feeling convicted. I see me all the paragraphs and then some lol. Thank you for this great and very very important reminder to us all!! It's good to see you today.

    Hugz Lorie

  21. Love your blog and your music!!!


  22. I can so relate to this! In fact...don't look at the time of this comment!

    Bless you!

  23. Hello my sweet friend!!

    I have missed you so much!! I have been away from blog land for a little while. I do not have my old blog any more this is my new one!

    I am sorry that I have not kept in touch better!

    I love you bunches!


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