Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday~Count Your Blessings

Happy Thankful Thursday, Everyone!

I haven't been able to get away from the feeling of an overwhelming thankful heart this week because of the Blessings of 2008 that I have blogged about twice. If you have read them already, then you know why my heart is overflowing with gratitude to our Heavenly Father. If not, feel free to catch below on the links and it will take you to the post.

My first post was Reflections and Blessings From 2008 and the other one was A Glimpse Into My Life via Old Emails.

My thankfulness this week is a combination of all the blessings that God bestowed on me and my family in 2008...where He has brought me from to where I am today. The spiritual growth that the Refining Fire will produce in ones life is painful while you are going through it but the rewards of the purging of all that is displeasing to so worth it.

I am also very thankful for faithful, encouraging, loving and godly, prayer warrioring friends that I have been able to go to in confidence over the past few years for guidance and direction.

I am truly a blessed and better woman because of my wonderful friends who have stood by me during the good, bad and the ugly. They also rejoice with us in the victories through Jesus Christ that we have had the privilege of experiencing.

If you ever think that anything is too difficult for God...think just a few of the stories of our lives and you will realize...there is NOTHING too difficult for God.

Jeremiah 32:27
"Behold, I am the Lord...Is anything too difficult for me?"

For more Thankful Thursday...visit Iris at Grace Alone.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. Happy TT Jenn! What seems impossible is POSSIBLE with God! If you look at the first part of the word IMPossible .... what do you see? God desires nothing more than the best for us. The good, the bad, the ugly...(loved that)-God can work with it all! love you. Laurie

  2. Your precious heart truly shines with the love of Jesus. I love you.

  3. Your post is an inspiration..thank you for reminding me that there is nothing too difficult for GOD.

    Happy Thankful Thursday!

    and oh by the way, would it be fine if I ask for an exchange of link?


    I added ur link here

  4. Thank God for His many blessings upon you. May He continue to shower His peace, lovingkindness and mercies to you in this new year!

  5. I so enjoyed your happy heartfelt post today. It is wonderful to have a great year. I had one too. And this year has started off even better with a new granddaughter.
    Have a great week.

  6. Jennifer,

    How I love your sweet, thankful heart! I rely on this verse you posted a lot with my wayward daughter...I know that even she is not too difficult for the Lord if she will finally just yield to Him.

    Your life is a beautiful testimony of His amazing grace, my friend. I am touched by it. Hugs to you today!!

  7. Amen Sister! God is so good to us!

    Happy TT!


  8. Hello my friend. I have an award for you on my blog. Come retrieve it.

    Bless you!

  9. it is so amazing to get to the end of a year and KNOW that you have grown in the Lord. But were you aware of it at the time, and do you actually FEEL any different, because i wasn't and i don't, but, like you, I KNOW that I have grown.

  10. Thank you for your willingness to praise God through all things.

    An Arkie's Musings

  11. Our God is the God of the impossible, isn't He? Just when the difficulties threaten to pull us under He is there with an outstretched arm to lift us up. Oh, how I praise Him and love His faithfulness and holiness! You are such an encouragement and inspiration to me. I loved your post! Happy Thankful Thursday!

  12. Amen my friend! I'm so glad to know someone else made it to the other side of the fire. God is so good. He never leaves us where we are, but gently he leads us on. Thanks for sharing my friend! I have so appreciated it! And I saw your award on Beth's blog. You definitely deserve it!

  13. Very inspirational! I read your story and I applaud you for counting your blessings! It will be exciting to see what God continues to do in your family.

    God bless!

  14. Happy TT Jen, you are really a blessing to me, Ive read your posts since I join TT last December 2008 you reminds of Apostle Paul, and thats we need these days someone like him, like you, I am blessed and I am praying that you will continue to post, your words lift up the spirit!
    I am afraid of the ocean too myself, I am glad that your son and your husband were safe, I and hubby talked about sending the boys to the swimming school(whatever they call that). Thank you for visiting my page and leaving a comments. God bless Jen. Take care and hope you have wonderful day!


  15. Wonderful TT post. You do have so much to be Thankful for and amen that nothing is to difficult for God!

  16. Amen! I love that verse from Jeremiah. I am so thankful nothing is too difficult for Him. Praise His name!

  17. Jennifer - AMEN!

    Oh I love that verse and stand on it and rest in it often!!!!

    Blessings to you,

  18. amen! nothing is impossible with our God. awesome!


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