Monday, January 5, 2009

CREATE in my marriage?

Yesterday, Pastor Rusty preached on "God created" and had us think about what did we want God to CREATE in us this year. He blogged about it this morning on his site...check it out here.

When we got in Sunday School...he proposed the same question to our "Marriage Building" class except, the question was "what do you want to see God to CREATE in your marriage this year?"

He gave us an acrostic to get us thinking and we shared what we wanted God to do in our marriages this year. Many of ours were alike on certain letters but others...were very different. I guess, mine was different on a couple of letters because of our age, number of years we've been married and the age and number of children at home. Most, everyone else with the exception of a few other couples, have younger children or no children yet. Many in our class have been married for a good number of years but their children are younger and/or they have several children still at home.

I wanted to share what my heart's desire for God to CREATE in my marriage in 2009. I cheated a little bit...some of mine have two things on them. :-)

Communication, more free time to
Recreation time to do things together, romance and relaxing together
Exploring new options for our finances and retirement and exercise together
Alone time - date night in the midst of two jobs and other obligations
Tolerance-not get stressed and frustrated as easy with my husband
Excitement about growing old together and our upcoming empty nest in 3 years.

These might not sound "spiritual", in comparison to what others wrote down, but I have to really work on some of these areas. Due to my uptight nature, lack of available time and dreading my son growing up and leaving home...some are huge struggles for me. The thought of my nest being empty is very hard for me and I have a very heavy heart in this area.

Just a glimpse into my heart today.

I have been overwhelmed with a lot of things lately and haven't had the time to blog like my heart longs to, but I'm praying for structure, organized time and be able to pour out so much that is on my heart to share with you guys in 2009. I've missed you all.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. This is a wonderful thought. I may have to ponder on these things myself!

    You mentioned that your list may not be spiritual enough.... Marriage is ordained of God. I truly feel that when you try to make your marriage healthier, God is pleased in this.

    ~Hugs from TN~

  2. I love the idea of thinking about what God would like to create in our marriages this year... maybe my man and I can talk about this some and come up with our own, a great idea, thanks for sharing it!

    Thanks also for your sweet words of encouragement.

    I haven't been able to visit much over the holidays but I do remember that your mom had been in the hospital, I pray she is recovering well.


  3. Loved this glimpse into your heart, and please know I'm praying for you. Our marriage is something we need to work on this year. Not that anything's wrong, we just feel that going into our 18th year we need to make sure we don't become stagnant. We're going to talk about exploring alot of the things mentioned in the acrostic, which I love, of course!

  4. I like this a lot, and as far as not being spiritual--if you feel this is where God wants you to grow your marriage and your marriage is centered in God, then I would consider this to be spiritual.

    I am not married, but I think I could do this with my children--what would I want to create in our relationships during this year.

    And keeping all of these things in mind will help you cope and prepare for your upcoming empty nest.


  5. Jennifer,

    I think this glimpse into your heart was precious. You don't have to sound have to desire to please the Lord and I hear that loud and clear in your words.

    May the Lord bless you, my friend.

  6. Jennifer,

    This was a perfect post. I totally needed to read this one. I loved your acrostics for CREATE. I liked each one. Great job!

  7. Jennifer...we've missed you too!

    What a great post. I am all for organizing my life a little bit better too. Lord knows I need to get a handle on my horrible time management.

    I just prayed for your work tonight. I just got off work myself.

    LOVE what you did with your blog for winter.

    I can't wait to see all that you have for us here on your blog in 2009 Jennifer.


  8. more thing...our oldest is getting ready to leave the nest this Summer. I am sure I will be back for some encouragement there.


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