Friday, December 12, 2008

Update on Ashlyn

I wanted to give you a brief update on Ashlyn tonight.

At this time, I can tell you what they are trying to rule out because they don't have a definite diagnosis yet. She had a spinal tap last night and it takes 24-48 hours for the culture results to come back. They are treating her as if she has bacterial meningitis with how powered antibiotics and morphine for the pain. We are praying that if it is meningitis that it is viral not bacterial. The possible affects of bacterial can be very serious.

We went to see her tonight in the hospital and feeling as bad as she did...she is still a tough young lady. Through all the pain...she is still talking some, smiling and even laughed slightly. She looks like she feels terrible because of the severe headache and nausea. She hasn't eaten in a couple of days and what she tries to eat come right back up. Her and her mom are wore out, it has been a very long 24 hours. Dad is at home with little brother tonight. We stayed for awhile and Dorinda with her girls were there as well. We prayed over her and left them to try to get some rest.

Please continue to pray for Ashlyn and her family. Right now, we are praying for a good report from her cultures, her headache to subside, her stomach to settle and complete healing in her entire body for a full recovery.

I told her today that I posted it on my blog, emailed all my contacts, texted everyone in my cell phone and called K-Love...she thought that was so "cool" that people were praying for her across the United States. I am keeping all of the email replies and comments left on my blog so that I can print them to take back to Ashlyn and her family for additional encouragement. Please leave her "well wishes" here and I will personally deliver them to her.

Thank you for your prayers for this precious child and her dear family.

Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. Thanks for the update sweetie, prayers continue.

  2. I just read your e-mail, Jennifer. I am praying for Ashlyn and have added her to our church's prayer chain here in Arizona.
    Ashlyn honey, I know that Jesus heals and He does answer prayer.
    Hugs and Prayers, Carolyn

  3. So encourged by her bravery. I am praying for her and will continue until I hear that she has made a full recovery. Thank you for the update and please keep us posted.


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