Saturday, December 20, 2008

~Then Sings My Soul Saturday~Angels We Have Heard On High

Today, I need to hear those angels on high. I am so tired and overwhelmed right now with mom in the hospital, my children coming for Christmas, never cooked Christmas dinner before (don't know where to start), presents not wrapped, baking still not done, shopping not finished and throw work in the mix too. It hit me yesterday that Christmas was less than 6 days away...somewhere along this way this crazy week...I thought I had another week to go.
I feel guilty when I'm home because I need to be with my mom and when I'm at the hospital, I feel guilty because I'm not at home with Tyler, who is out of school on Christmas break. He's been left at home alone all week.
It all hit me yesterday, the stress, totally overwhelmed and all the emotions. I can't type this without the tears streaming down my face.
Father...I need to hear from you today and hear the Angels From On Angels We Have Heard On High, as I bask in your presence.

Everything happens for a reason...I believe that. The good that has come out of far is...I feel the restoration of a relationship that has been ruined, strained and almost...well, 99.9% non-existent for 2 years now. I am so thankful for God's promises and His faithfulness in our lives.
Ok...I know most of this has nothing to do with TSMSS or Angels We Have Heard On High...just needed to "talk" to someone this morning.

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Have a wonderfully blessed day!


  1. Praying for you and family to have peace and healing.

  2. Oh Jenn, I am so sorry. I walk that road that you're on -- guilt if I'm not with my parents ... guilt if I'm not doing everything for everyone.

    I pray God will give you peace and strength for each step. Try not to think too far ahead, but just focus on this moment and try to give the Lord this anxiety.

    I wish I was there to give you a big hug. God bless you Sister!


  3. I love her voice! Great choice and I am still praying for your mom.

  4. Blessings Jennifer...I pray that you were blessed by these ANGELS & they sang so high to lift you above the overwhelming feelings...that can't be helped! I hope you find encouragement from others closer to you than "blog" world so someone can take hold of you an give you a heavenly hug! May Jesus surround you with Angels & may you sense His arms wrapped around you!

    Btw...Christina Aguilera is my favorite...singer of this song!!!

    Father, I pray You answer my sister's pleas & catch her tears & let her sense Your Presence & Your strength. May Your JOY be her strength, may Your PEACE embrace her and carry her & BE with her mom & her & her family through these days ahead.

    Let it go Jennifer! Let it ALL go & flow to Him & from Him! It;s good to hear about the restoration & I'm glad that you can find a silver lining in these clouds! May God continue to bring you through the storms!

  5. My prayers continue for your dear mom, and for you. Please slow down, breathe in Jesus, breath away stress. I love you.

  6. Aww're being pulled is so many directions.

    Try to slow down, relax a little bit. Just do what absolutely needs done.

    Breathe....breathe in the air around you that God has provided and feel His presence with you.

    He is there...just slow down and feel His arms around you.


  7. Oh my friend, I am sorry it has all hit at one time. I will be praying for you. May the peace of God flood your heart and your mind this week as you tend to all the tasks that need your attention. May God give you the strength you need to carry on.

    Take care my friend!


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