Monday, November 10, 2008

What Kind of Blogger Are You?

I found this over on Laurie Ann's site and decided to take the quiz to see what kind of blogger that I was. Well, Laurie Ann, your results sounded a lot like what I would think of myself but I took the quiz anyway. Sure enough, I got the exact same results that you did. I'm just an open book! Yikes! family would say :)

The results were very accurate.

You Are a Life Blogger!

Your blog is the story of your life - a living diary.

If it happens, you blog it. And you make it as entertaining as possible.

You may be guilty of over-sharing a bit on your blog, but you can't help it.

Your life is truly an open book. Or in this case, an open blog!


  1. This was fun, it said I was also a life blogger.

  2. I also took the test and was a
    life blogger.

  3. hmmm...i should take the test too!

  4. I'm a life blogger too. Those quizzes are such fun. My daughter's favorite one was which Jane Austen heroine are you?

    Have a wonderful day. I'm intending to email you later this morning.

    Blessings upon you,


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