Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thankful Thursday~Best Of Both Worlds

I am thankful today because God has blessed me with the best of both worlds. What I mean by that is...I have a wonderful job that I love and I am a stay at home mom also.

I have been in this field for nearly 25 years and I don't like to start a new job, learn a new trade or meet new people...I am very comfortable in this field that I've been in for so long.

I worked for the same doctor for 18 years...7 years straight and then I filled in for him over the next 11 years. I was back working for him on a regular basis when he retired. My former boss turned his charts and patients over to Dr. R because he was a Christian OB/GYN also.

I sent in my resume' to Dr. R and his wife, J.R. (her initials) about coming to work for them and at that time, they didn't respond to my inquiry for employment.

I returned to being a full-time stay at home mom which was in September 2002. I had settled back in and was satisfied with that.

Then, my phone rings one afternoon and it was J.R. She wanted to talk to me about coming to work for them. Hmmmm...but, I'm happy being back at home! I explained to her my situation of taking my son to school in the mornings and picking him up in the afternoons. The new job location was 45 minute drive from my house...across the corner of two states. That would have only left me with 5 hours to work and it wouldn't be worth the money or the time.

She immediately said "oh, no...I don't have room in our office for you. We want to set you up to work from home." Wow! What an opportunity. I could work, earn a paycheck and still be at home and available for my son. I began working for them on January 20, 2003.

Fast forward 6 years (as of January 20th)...I am so blessed with my job and wonderful bosses. They are Christians with big hearts. I have not asked for anything that I have not been given. They have been very generous and compassionate.

When my son had his wreck in Atlanta back in March 2008, J. R. told me to go, don't worry about work, they would still pay me and to take all the time that I needed. I was an hourly employee at that time.

When my husband lost his job and had to take a lesser paying job, I ask could I work 40 hours a week to earn more money, when 32 hours a week was considered a full-time job...I was told yes, absolutely.

Back in April 2008, I picked up my paycheck and my work for the next two weeks on a Thursday afternoon and while driving back home...I opened my paycheck to see what I had brought home for this pay period. In the envelope was my paycheck and another check with "a little extra" and a note telling me that I was now a salary employee. I was also told that I no longer had to "worry" about working exactly 40 hours for my pay. I know everyone in my home town heard me screaming and shouting...I was still 45 minutes away. God is so good.

Recently, I have been struggling working 4 - 10 hour days and trying to keep up with everything else that I feel I need to be doing. I talked to J. R. and told her that I was looking to cut my hours if I could afford it because I was tired of trying to be a super mom, wife, mom and employee. I have been very stressed and overwhelmed.

God has known the desires of my heart for some time now and where I feel He has been leading me. The problem has been time. When I spoke with J. R. about this stressful feeling that is not only work related but overwhelmed in all areas of my life. She never paused, took time to think about it...nothing...she immediately came back with a blessed, workable solution.

I have a few details left to work out with someone that will be helping me with my job, but this week I began cutting back on my hours. I have felt less stressed this week than I have in a very long time.

God is good and He continues to meet all of our needs. He never fails to "WOW" me. I pray daily that God would continue to pour out His blessings on Dr. R and his family because they have been such a blessing to me. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Philippians 4:19
But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

I have so many blessings to count this Thanksgiving season and everyday that I live.

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  1. May God continue to bless you dear.

  2. Praise God Jenn... God always knows what we are in need of before we do. Who says some things are impossible? With man it is impossible but everything is possible with God! Love ya, Happy TT! -Laurie

  3. That is so awesome Jennifer!!! :) God provides our every need doesn't He? I've heard Beth Moore say when you start delighting in Him, He'll change your desires and you get the desires of your heart! That's happened to me definately!

  4. May God continue to pour His blessings and provision over you! Great post! Happy TT!

  5. What an awesome blessing! Thank you for sharing your post. Praise God for His perfect timing and always knowing exactly what we need when we need it! Blessings.

  6. What a great working situation- Praise the Lord for that!

    Happy TT...

  7. We briefly spoke about this... and I agree that God is good! :)

    Take some time for youself...NO stress allowed. :)

    Happy Thursday!

  8. I loved reading that!!!!! It's amazing how God takes care of us!!!! It sounds like you have an ideal situation, and WHAT A HUMONGOUS BLESSING to have them for your bosses!!! They sound so easy to work for!!

  9. Rejoicing with you at how the Lord has given you the desires of your heart and is working out your work situation!! He IS good. And he loves you so much and cares about your hurts.


    P.S. I'm a day behind and didn't get to read this yesterday. I got my hair foiled yesterday, and I had it done by a gal I know who is in cosmetology school. Going through the school takes MUCH longer than normal, because every step she does needs to be checked by an instructor. So, I was gone from 11:00 (noon appt.), and didn't get home until 6:30. And to think I posted about busyness yesterday!! I didn't leave the salon/school until 5:00, then had to battle traffic as I stopped at the library and the grocery store. I'm home today and loving it...and am catching up with my blog friends.

  10. It is amazing how God honors the desires of our hearts, especially when it comes to being available for our families.

    You are indeed blessed!


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