Tuesday, November 25, 2008

~Sometimes CHRISTmas Makes Me Cry~

I saw this video for the first time over at Samantha's blog...Mama's aMusings and I was so "blown away" that I had to share it here on my blog. This is by Mandisa and Matthew West.

I love CHRISTmas time of the year with all the laughter, decorations, holiday cheer, reflecting on CHRISTmas past, the true meaning of CHRISTmas and wonderful childhood memories.

My daddy died 19 years ago this past August 4th and CHRISTmas was his favorite time of the year. He loved to surprise my mom with wonderful gifts and he did the same thing for his children. He played Santa, shook jingle bells outside our bedroom window so we would hurry up go to sleep and made reindeer tracks in the snow once when we were lucky enough to have a white Christmas. Oh, I have such wonderful CHRISTmas memories with my family!

Every year at the beginning of the CHRISTmas holiday season, when I start playing the CHRISTmas music, burning the scented candles, the house is all decorated and I begin to wrap the presents...I have a hard, long, sobbing cry because I miss my daddy so much. I miss him as much now as I did 19 years ago. This has become a "tradition" for me but it is therapeutic.

I'm dedicating this song to my daddy...Billy Wood. I know you are in the arms of Jesus right now, healed and very happy but...Daddy, I miss you so much and can't wait to see you again. I love you, Daddy!

I am blessed to still have my wonderful, loving and beautiful mother...inside and out...alive and living close by. Mom...you mean the world to me and I love you more than words can ever express. You are truly the picture of a godly mother. Thank you for loving me and my family (in spite of our faults), raising me in a strong Christian home and always being there for us. I love you, Mom. (yes, she reads my blog:)

Enjoy! Be sure to scroll down and pause my music first. If you have YouTube blocked on your computer (some have told me they do)...you might find it on GodTube (I haven't looked).


  1. Beautiful. I'm there with you. My mama passed away two years ago, and I miss her so much. WE'll sob some tears together and then remember this incredible hope we have to be reunited one day! Won't that be cool?

    Happy ThanksLIVING and Merry CHRISTmas!

  2. Oh, Christmas sometimes makes me cry, too. I've lost my dad, my mom, my stepdad (who really raised me) and my sister just three years ago.

    So, I always have a good crying session, too.

    I do miss them--all of them, but knowing that I will be reunited with them someday does bring me hope.

    Thank you, Jesus.


  3. Simply beautiful post, Jennifer! I loved it. I'm so sorry you've lost your dad - I cannot imagine! Love is the theme of Christmas, and I am always so thankful and treasure the time that I spend with family then...

  4. Just knowing that your daddy loved Christmas makes me just love him too. What a special dad you have Jennifer. My mom passed away going on nine years ago now and every Christmas my ritual is to read a special Christmas letter that my parents wrote to me when I was a young mom. I keep it tucked away in my nativity scene box.

    I'll make a deal with ya...I will introduce you to my mom and you can introduce me to your daddy when we get to Heaven, okay?

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  5. Commandment #5 Honor thy father and mother....I'm sure you weren't even thinking about it, but that is exactly what you did in this post. It is lovely.

    I'm glad your daddy is with Jesus. You know that you will one day be reunited with him. What comfort for the soul.

    Love in Christ,

  6. I love your video and the beautiful words about your dad. Both of my parents died Christmas week one year apart and my first husband died two days after Thanksgiving. It is hard even after all these years, but we know that they are alive in Heaven and we'll see them again. What a blessed promise!
    Jennifer, I love your spelling CHRISTmas this way. I'm going to do that from now on.
    Hope all of your family is together for Thanksgiving and you have a wonderful day. Carolyn

  7. Oh Jennifer!! You're going to make me cry! I miss my Grandparents so much and can't think of my parents passing. I'm glad your Daddy is with Jesus! *hugs*

  8. I love this, it made me cry. I miss my momma and big brother so very much. But, God will wipe my tears away, love you my friend.

  9. I'm glad this song touched your heart! I am always reminded of my baby, Layna Grace, when I hear this song. I lost her during the fourth month of my pregnancy. It's amazing how four and a half years since losing her my arms still ache to hold her at times.

  10. Beautiful post! Sometimes it makes me cry too....Bless you dear.

  11. Jen, I miss my daddy so much too. I lost him a year ago and sometimes it feels like it was yesterday. I miss him so much. Holidays are always harder because you remember all the wonderful memories that you have with them. We will see them again someday.


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