Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where Do You Stand On Our Upcoming Election?

My past 3 entries have been political and there will be more in the coming months, however, I don't apologize for posting them. I have been a registered voter since I turned 18 years old and I know it is my right, my responsibility and my obligation to my children and the children in our future to get out and vote on Election Day. Saying all that...I feel stronger about this election and what the citizens of the US could possibly vote in as our new Commander and Chief of this wonderful country...the United States of America. I can't stress enough to each of you to research, listen, watch and read about the candidates that are running for office. It is your responsibility as well as mine to find out as much about these people before you cast your vote
on November 4th.

So let me ask you...What do you know about John McCain/Sarah Palin and Barack Obama/Joe Biden? What do they believe in, what are their moral beliefs, are they Christians...genuine born again Christians, where do they stand on gay/lesbians, where do the stand abortion, where do they stand on educating our future leaders, our country's energy source, gasoline prices, our men and women serving in our military/defense on terrorism, illegal immigrants, excessive government spending, health care, the longevity and saving our Medicare/Social Security Benefits for our elderly and for us who are fast approaching that magical age...will there be anything left when we retire?

I urge you to find out the answers to these questions and then dig deeper into the lives of these people....but do not fail to do the most important part of the upcoming election....

Pray Christians, Pray and then Pray Some More!!

Watch this video along with your research on what they believe: Scroll down and pause my it, really listen to what he says and post your comments

May God honor and bless you for your faithfulness in praying for our country, our leaders, our potental leaders and our men and women in uniform serving/fighting for our FREEDOM!!

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