Saturday, June 7, 2008

Personal Thank You and Update on Brandon

I have had so many people asking me about Brandon, I wanted to post an update on him.

I am so happy to say...Praise The Lord...that he is back living in Jonesboro now and only an hour from his loving momma!!!

As for the injuries sustained in the wreck on March 14th...he has mended at an amazing rate and I give God all the glory. I can't thank you all enough for the many, many prayers that carried my son to the very throne room of God. God is faithful and He is true.

The only problem that he is having is his ankle is still bothering him. He wasn't supposed to bare any weight on it for 2-3 months but my stubborn son...has been putting some weight on it. It is still painful and swells. His abdominal incision has completely healed...that amazes me the most how something so large has healed on its own, completely back together.

As many of you know, Brandon had emergency surgery this past Tuesday on a completely unrelated issue and is at home recovering. His surgery was a complete success and we were very pleased with the hospital in Jonesboro that took care of him. It was as different as night and day from Grady Memorial in Atlanta and NEA Baptist in Jonesboro...give me smaller hospital any day over a big city one.

Thank you all again for your many, many faithful prayers. Keep them coming for Brandon to hear the "Voice of Truth" and heed the calling that God is making to him.



  1. What an awesome Praise report.. Thanks for the update.. God Bless Lorie

  2. girl,
    do you know how much i love your blog!?
    i have been so busy i haven't had a chance to read all of my favorites... got caught up today.

    oh, my - how you bless my socks off!

    thanks for sharing your heart! you are such an inspiration!

    love ya!

  3. Dorinda:

    Thank you for always offering such encouraging words at just the right time. I have been battling lately with which direction to go after my story is complete or whether to keep going at all. The shortage of time and the feeling of being overwhelmed in so many other areas of my life...the enemy wants me to abandon ship. That is one reason I put the poll on my site to see if anything that I had written about ministered to anyone...only 3 people voted and the enemy used that against me too. I will continue to pray as to where the Lord wants me to go from here. I definitely want to be obedient. Pray with little prayer warrioring buddy:)

    I love you girl!


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