Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I'm sorry that I haven't posted another entry lately but we are on vacation...1st at my mother-in-laws for a couple of days and then in the Smoky Mountains. It has been a much needed break for my family, however, my husband has still been on the cell phone with his job multiple times a days since leaving home last Thursday. I will be so happy if and when he ever has a job that he can really take a vacation from work! Sound bitter? Well, yes...I am...same song and same dance for the past 17 years and 5 different companies. It is very frustrating for me as a mother, wife and trip planner for him to have to work while he is "on vacation" especially when he has to take his vacation days from work but yet work takes his time away from his family. "It's his job????" Whatever!

Ok...enough complaining...but my laptop does not work in our room and I'm not going to be guilty of spending our vacation time down in the lobby/computer cafe' posting my blog or checking my email. I did manage to sneak this one in while my son walked the dog and my husband got a shower. Gotta get back upstairs before I am missed!!!!

I promised to have another entry posted by this weekend...stay tuned! HAVE A WONDERFUL REST OF THE WEEK AND A SUPER WEEKEND! I will have a slideshow of our trip on my blog soon too:)

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  1. Yes, you are missed, BUT you deserve a relaxing vacation! We can wait a bit longer! ENJOY your time!!



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