Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Update on Brandon's Condition...Tuesday Night

Good Evening Everyone!!!

God is good all the time! I want to start by saying thank you for your prayers as we have felt each and everyone of them. God is faithful to the cries of his children! I am so thankful that I am a child of God's and I have so many prayer warriors praying along with me.

I spent the last several nights with Brandon in the ICU...all night long. We have had several rough nights where he did not rest well at all and was getting extremely frustrated, agitated and impatient with everyone. I called on several people to add this situation to their prayers, as well as, what to do about coming home at the end of this week. As you most know, I have a 13 year old and a husband at home also. I felt pulled between the two and wanting desparately to do the right thing for both of my children.

When I got back to the hospital yesterday after getting a much needed 4 hours of sleep and a shower...the nurse said he was being moved to a regular floor. However, we had not had any good reports on the regular floor staff at the particular hospital. I was very anxious about him going to the floor as he could not do one thing for himself...not even scratch his own nose. It was all night on Sunday...Mom, scratch my nose, my face, my head, my arms...the Morphine was making him itch terribly and we were waiting on the Benedryl for relief. He was extremely out of it yesterday on pain medicines and that was also a concern of mine going to the floor. This particular floor still has semi-private rooms and family is not allowed to stay overnight with their loved one. So, needless to say, I was extremely stressed, anxious and tired...not a good combination for this mother. I prayed and asked others to pray also.

We were moved to the floor at 9 PM last night and he was in so much pain. Again, we prayed and prayed. He would get the hiccups and it would cause his so much pain with the chest tubes still in place. Once, he had hiccups and was winching in pain...I began to pray over him right there for God to stop the hiccups, remove the pain and give him rest. The hiccups stopped IMMEDIATELY!!!! He rested better last night than he has the entire time we have been here. God hears our prayers!!!!

We did have terrible nursing staff last night...so bad...that I had fully planned to come to the hotel this morning and start searching for another hospital and doctor who would accept him immediately. It was horrible!!! No bedside manner, hateful, rude and just down right mean! Brandon was in no mood for this type of treatment with all the pain he was suffering and being at their mercy and neither was I! Brandon and one of the male nurses had words...heated words and I was playing referee...told them both...that is enough! When the surgeon stopped by at 3 AM to check his abdomen over...we ratted this two nurses out! They probably heard us because we were directly across from the nurses station. This had been an ongoing thing from the minute we got to the floor. I understand the need to do your job and follow the orders set by the doctors...but the right hand did not know what the left hand was doing at all. Each floor had different policies and rules. He was allowed ice chips and his oxygen was removed all day in ICU but when we got to the floor...they would not give him one drop of water, piece of ice or anything. He had not had one thing since Friday night...except a little ice. Very frustrating and add their lack of bedside manner, no sleep and lots of pain....boiling point! I prayed again and told God...these people are not going to see the love of Jesus if He do not intervene but they would see the devil himself! Thank goodness they went off duty at 7 AM. By the end of their shift...one was being very nice and helpful. PTL!

We had the greatest nursing staff today that we have had since we got there. Our nurse, Islom, was awesome....she pampered, spoiled, doated on Brandon all day long. We were able to wash his hair, bath him (sponge), change sheets on the bed and he felt like a new person. He had a very restful the night before and had a great day today. He sat up and talked to us for about 3 hours staight with very little pain medicine, slept a couple of hours and then talked another 2 hours. He and I had some great one-on-one time this afternoon to talk about all that God had done for him during this trying time. He was very receptive and was very encouraged by all the prayers that were going up all across the country for him...thanks to my family, church family and my new blogging family. I can never say thank you enough. Please keep it up...we are out of the woods just yet.

We got 1 chest tube removed today and everything looks very, very good. If all goes well...hopefully, the NG tube will be removed tomorrow or Thursday...he has to wait 1 day and then he can have small sips of liquid to drink. Then if all goes well, he can introduce jello and other soft foods and broths. He was able to sit nearly straight up in his bed....bed elevated for long periods of time with minimal pain. His voice was strong and his fighting spirit is also. He is determined to cut the recovery time way down from what the doctors say. He is very brave and tough...he has only uttered a couple sounds from of being in severe pain...most of the time he remains silent when they are doing things to him. The chest tube removal...he said was more painful than having it put in and we still have one more to go.

The surgeons have said that with the pelvic fracture and broken ankle that his recovery time will be 3-4 months. It will be impossible for him to work and earn a living because he is on his feet all day. This is causing him a lot of concern...but I told him that God is a big God and he can do the impossible...if he just let him.

I spoke with Mandy...his friend who is staying with him tonight so I can get some sleep....been up 33 hours with no sleep and just finished my only meal and drink in over 24 hours. His staff tonight is awesome and they are very pleased....now this mother can rest in peace without worry that my son is being mistreated in the hospital that is supposed to be caring for him.

Thank you all again for your love, prayers and phone calls.

Goodnight all! Love you guys!

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